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  Oh man today was a very early and busy one! We left our hotel at 6AM to get to our first stop at Triumph Farms processing plant by 9:30AM. We aren’t aloud to talk about what we saw but it was really interesting. I will just tell you one little thing and that it was a pig slaughter and packaging plant so I think you get the hang of it.

After Triumph Farms processing plant we drove to a Sheep Dairy. It was a very small and cute sheep dairy. Also, the first sheep dairy I have ever been too. They have a total of 75 sheep and they all get milked. They treat it exactly like a cow dairy farm. If the sheep have mastitis they will separate them from the other sheep and milk them last so the milk from infect sheep does not get mixed with the healthy sheep. They give the sheep with mastitis antibiotics until they are healthy and they keep them separated from the other cows until the antibiotics are out of their system which takes about two weeks. After milking all their sheep they get about 2 lbs. of milk. They also buy sheep milk from two Amish farms to get more milk for their supply. With their all of their milk they make cheese and yogurt. We got to try the cheese and to be honest I was not a fan of it. Although, I am not a fan of a lot of cheeses. It tasted very sheepy if that makes sense haha. Anyways I really enjoyed learning about the sheep dairy and how it works.


Above is one of the cheeses we tasted!


All of us before cheese tasting!

The last stop for today was the Monsanto fields. It was very pretty and a beautiful day to go. The weather was perfect. It was not too hot or too cold. They had fields for days. At least that is how it felt for me because I did not grow up around fields like that. It was very pretty. They had soybeans and corn growing. The food was not for human consumption but it was used to make animal food. I mean you could eat it (at least i hope because I did) but that was not its main purpose. The three men giving us the tour around the fields were very informative and answered every question we had for them. At the end of the tour they gave us a hat. It was very sweet of them.


All of us at Monsanto!

IMG_7405 IMG_7402

The left is a picture of their crops and then the sign for the entrance is the picture of the right!

Tomorrow is a later start day for I am excited for that. I know this post is short but I hope you got the gist of it. Thanks for reading.



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