Yield and Quality Improvement of Cashew Plant

We are coming upon an era where nutritious, organic, and GMO-free food reigns supreme. Currently, nutritious food is beginning to top the chart of necessities. Many people pay thousands of dollars every year when investing in the food they eat. However, this food is far from ideal. In the production of healthy and organic foods, farmers and producers require a lot more input with a lot less yield. Additionally, these organic crops are at greater risk for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections, as well as pest infestations. Continue reading “Yield and Quality Improvement of Cashew Plant”

Know About a more Capable Form of Boron Nitride

Not many people know about Boron Nitride. Boron nitride is a compound which is formed when boron and nitrogen are bound by heat and chemical reaction. Boron nitride exists in a crystalline form which is quite similar to carbon lattice. Boron nitride is known for its thermal stability, catalytic action, conductivity and high hardness. Due to its terrific chemical and thermal stability, the ceramics made from boron nitride are generally used as parts of high-temperature equipment. Many scientists claim that boron nitride has huge potential uses in upcoming nanotechnology research. Continue reading “Know About a more Capable Form of Boron Nitride”

Biofield Treatment: The Way it Enhanced the Properties of Silicon Carbide Powder

At times I wonder… what if we could upgrade an element as easily as we can upgrade our electronic devices? These upgraded materials would have a broader and optimized range of applications that could be utilized for a number of different things. For example, if we can make iron stronger, but more lightweight, this change in the element’s characteristics would drastically improve iron’s efficiency and usefulness for a lot of industries such as surgical equipment, appliances, manufacturing machine tools, automobiles, ships, machine parts and building parts. Continue reading “Biofield Treatment: The Way it Enhanced the Properties of Silicon Carbide Powder”