Mahendra Trivedi Research On Various Fields Of Science

The Trivedi Effect® has consciously opened the gates towards this new approach. As it is purely a natural phenomena, more and more people are approaching it for their salvation. In fact, its effects have been scientifically tested, analyzed, verified, and authenticated. Leading scientists from well established and research institutes from across the world have passionately participated in research and apparently witnessed the outputs. The Trivedi Effect® has been explored in a vast variety of fields, including agriculture, genetic engineering, cancer, microbiology, material science, animal husbandry, and human wellness. Today, people across the world are optimizing their lives and making the winning combinations with the help of Trivedi Effect®.


When it comes to agriculture, even the governments fail to address the widespread problems of underproduction, low yield, and crop diseases. However, when Mr. Trivedi’s sustainable Trivedi Effect® was applied to agriculture, the results were quite astounding. It has been applied to more than 40 species of crop in agricultural experiments, all of which showed that the energy has an exceptional ability to affect seeds, plants, and trees as well as the cultivated environment. The evolutionary changes that occurred in these experiments were purely organic.

Ultimately, The Trivedi Effect® has been shown to enhance yields and quality of produce. It has provided a new hope, which is quite different from the conventional methods of crop production. In fact, the new approach to agriculture is quite powerful than genetically modified seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, or fungicides. The Trivedi Effect® has been quite effective for the agricultural production. Biochemical parameters like chlorophyll a & b, auxin IAA and glutathione were also improved. These experiments also proved to improve the shelf life of crops.

Experiments were conducted by renowned agriculture institutions in India and America, showing great improvement in the characteristics, morphology, immunity, yield, production, freshness, weight, shelf-life, nutritional value and overall quality of the varieties of seeds, plants and crops including annual crops such as cow-pea, chick pea, mustard, groundnuts, and horse-gram, and the two perennial trees: cashew nut and mango. Not only did the energy transmission™ transform the crop, but its effect also influenced the soil and the second generation of seedlings.

In other words, when you utilize this energy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mahendra Trivedi has opened up unlimited opportunities for agriculture with results that have left the scientific community speechless.


The Trivedi Effect® can strike down the symptoms of cancer in its own way. It has shown drastic effects on the cancerous cells. In some experiments, cancer cells treated with the energy which converted to non-cancerous cells, completely reversing the effects of mutation. Trivedi Effect® has the potential to eradicate disease from its roots, which can improve the overall quality of lives.


The Trivedi Effect® has successfully addressed the issues of genetic engineering. In plants, the effect produced remarkable changes in the DNA, which takes generations to appear naturally. The Trivedi Effect® has been demonstrated to produce complete improvement to cells as well as tissue over time. The phenomenon has been shown to modify the underlying genetic code in a number of experiments without any form of invasive treatment or external intervention. Some ongoing plant genetic experiments are being conducted on crops like tomato, brassica, cashew, and cotton. The phenomenon has created a new ripple effect in the field of genetics.

Material Science

The popularity of The Trivedi Effect® is growing like never before. It has demonstrated amazing impact of reprogramming and restructuring the atom permanently, which is the most challenging thing in today’s world. Energy transmissions™, were shown under lab conditions, to have altered the mass, size, energy within and between the atoms. Results concluded that scientists did not believe was possible;

Mahendra Trivedi was able to convert matter into energy and energy into matter at will

Studies like X-ray diffraction, particle size analysis, surface area determination, electron spin resonance, thermal analysis, scanning electron microscopy, C-H-N-S-O analysis, mass spectroscopy and experiments on remote energy transmissions are currently underway.


The Trivedi Effect® has shown great results on drug resistant bacteria and viruses. Following exposure to the Trivedi Effect®, viruses and bacteria, earlier resistant to drugs, have incredibly started to respond to the use of drugs and antibiotics. Other ongoing projects include bacteriology, lyophilized bacteria, ATCC strains from Bangalore Genei, Mycobacteriology and virology.

Human Wellness

The Trivedi Effect® has greatly managed the lives of thousands and thousands of people. Many people, after receiving energy transmissions™ have given testimony describing improvements, relief or eradication of chronic pain, psychosomatic and neurological disorders, debilitating arthritis, severe food sensitivities, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, tiredness, menstrual cycle disorder, boredom, restlessness, ADD/ADHD, sadness, fear from the future as well as experiencing better quality sleep, enhanced sex drive, better sexual performance, greater self-confidence, a more profound inner peace.

People’s experiences have been life altering and beyond the extent of modern medicine. Indeed, there have been radical results in autistic children and those suffering from autoimmune diseases, and many other benefits that could only be attributed to the energy transmissions™ from Mahendra Trivedi and his wife, Dahryn Trivedi.

The Trivedi Foundation™ is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 created in 2009 to work in collaboration with major universities and research institutes throughout the world to establish a new scientific model that will bring about long-term solutions to the world’s most frightening problems. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has developed a rigorous approach to scientific research designed to explore the full potential of the Trivedi Effect®. The foundation aims to establish ways in which the Trivedi energy can benefit humanity through collaboration with the scientific world.

Today, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is known throughout the world for these powerful Energy Transmissions™. The experiences of close to 150,000 individuals have reported the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions™ on humans. His work within the international scientific community is extensive and ongoing. This research constitutes a valuable database for scientists attempting to understand the power of consciousness. Mr. Trivedi’s mission, and that of the Trivedi Foundation’s, is to utilize the Trivedi Effect® to usher in a new era that integrates scientific research with consciousness. Currently, Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, and Master Gopal are known to possess the ability to transmit the “Trivedi Effect®.”

In collaboration with scientific researchers from various scientific fields in countries like India, USA, Australia, Canada and Germany, Mahendra Trivedi astonished the world with over 4,000 studies revealing phenomenal results by substantiating his distinct ability through scientific measurement, validation, and documentation, leading to multiple publications in several major peer-reviewed international journals.

The Trivedi Foundation™ awards grants to projects that are designed to explore applications of the Trivedi Effect® or to investigate its effects in different fields of science, including microbiology, biotechnology, agriculture and material science. The Trivedi Foundation™ is continuing to conduct scientific research with leading worldwide research institutes and universities and is in the process of publishing and promoting the results of this incredible energy across the globe.

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