Altered Antibiogram of Klebsiella oxytoca using The Trivedi Effect®

Klebsiella oxytoca is primarily a health care associated nosocomial pathogen acquired from the environmental sources. The study was conducted using unique biofield energy of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (also known as The Trivedi Effect®). The unique antibiogram results after treatment have been published in the peer-reviewed International journal (Applied Microbiology). As, Klebsiella oxytoca is regarded as an opportunistic pathogen that causes primarily hospital-acquired infections, most commonly in immunocompromised patients or those requiring intensive care treatment. Moreover, it was also reported in the case of human infections such as urinary tract infection, septic arthritis, bacteremia, septicemia, cholecystitis, soft tissue infections, etc. During last few years, incidence of multi-drug-resistance (MDR) had been increased, which results in failure of treatment. Complementary and alternative medicine, is one of the alternative approach, among which biofield energy treatment has been experimentally studied. The outcomes includes 26.67% alteration in antimicrobial sensitivity pattern among tested antimicrobials, while minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values showed 12.50% alteration in tested antimicrobials as compared to the control. The biochemical study showed 24.24% alteration, while change in biotype number (7713 5272) was also reported after biofield treatment as compared to the control (7775 4332). A new species was identified as Kluyvera ascorbata, after biofield treatment as compared to the control. Therefore, the overall results suggest that biofield treatment has an impact on K. oxytoca in altering the antimicrobial sensitivity, MIC values, biochemical reactions and biotype number. So, the biofield treatment could be applied as safe and cost effective approach to alter the antibiogram pattern of antimicrobials against MDR strain of K. oxytoca.

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  1. An excellent development indeed. Congratulations to Mr. Mahendra Trivedi and to the author of this blog for being open about the impact that a non-conventional biofield treatment could make.

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