New Hope for the Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Microbe: The Trivedi Effect®

Emerging research in the field of complementary and alternate medicine was discovered, which provide us a new hope to treat multidrug resistant microbial infections. The biofield energy treatment as a complementary medicine was used by a well-known healer, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi using The Trivedi Effect® on isolates of Burkholderia cepacia. The outcomes of the study was new and unique, and that was published in peer-reviewed International journal (Journal of Tropical Diseases). It is defined as a multihost pathogen and reported to be associated with serious health issues such as wound infection, bacteremia, catheter-related urinary infections and endocarditis. It was also regarded as a phytopathogen responsible for a bacterial rot of onions commonly found in soil and moist environments. Besides that most of the drugs are now resistant to new strains of bacterial and viral infections, resulting in multidrug resistant pathogens. So, it require some alternate mode of medication, as biofield energy treatment results in altered antimicrobial susceptibility, with 38.9% change in susceptibility pattern, 30% in minimum inhibitory concentration values of the tested antimicrobials and 18.2% change in tested biochemical reaction. In addition, the species alteration was also reported, i.e. Pseudomonas aeruginosa compared with control after the biofield treatment using biotype number study. These results suggest that Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy has the ability to harness the energy from the Universe and can transmit into living organisms like pathogenic microbe in useful manner. With this approach, the multidrug resistant pattern of Burkholderia cepacia can be altered in some effective manner using Mr. Trivedi’s biofield. The emerging outcomes suggest that biofield treatment has the capacity to work at genetic level that might be used in future to fight with the resistant nature of pathogenic microorganism.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this helpful blog. I really surprised by the importance of biofield Treatment on the multidrug Resistant microbe. I imagine this research has many advantages for human health in future time.

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