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Going market to market with Flickr!

People driving trucks loaded with produce! (1925)

People driving trucks loaded with produce! (1925)

Our shelves are stocked, wagons loaded up, and meat counters are ready for you to pick the choicest cut of meat!

This week’s Flickr Commons set is an eclectic bunch of images loosely organized around the “people at a market” theme and is our newest addition to the “People Doing Stuff” collection. In addition to fun shop shots and street market construction, you’ll find a delightful group of images from the early days of the supermarket Berg’s in Salem, Oregon, including my favorite… The super-sized bucket of Karo!

A person carrying a can of Karo syrup at Berg's Supermarket, circa 1950

A person carrying a can of Karo syrup at Berg's Supermarket, circa 1950

People going back to school: grab your pencil cases!

People on the first day of school, circa 1940

People on the first day of school, circa 1940

It’s that time of year — the rain falls, the sun shines, the leaves turn, and our town swells as university students & faculty pour back in to teach, learn, and have fun.

Enjoy the latest addition to the People Doing Stuff collection in Flickr Commons, aptly called “People going back to school: grab your pencil cases!” It is chock full of Oregonians with chalk and lunch boxes, celebrates the littler people doing stuff at school.

Pack your bags, we’re ready to go.

View of Hood River Railroad depot, O.R. & N. Depot, and Mt. Hood Hotel, 1908

View of Hood River Railroad depot, O.R. & N. Depot, and Mt. Hood Hotel, 1908

It’s the glorious tipping point into warm weather, summer vacations, and parking yourself somewhere other than your office or house. So in advance of our day-tripping through Oregon in June, July, and August with great pictures linked to the centennial of the Extension Services, we’re adding a fun set to the “People Doing Stuff” collection in Flickr Commons — this one carrying the title “People Staying Places.”

Hotels, taverns, bungalows, tents, inns — any place with a bed or close approximation — this set is dedicated to all the people staying in a variety of different places throughout Oregon.

So pack your bags, roll up your sleeping bag, and get ready to go, it’s going to be a wonderful summer of exploration.

Happy Commonsversary to us!

Couple of children with hops baskets

It started as a leap of faith… Two years ago we were sure that the OSU Archives Flickr Commons project would give us a new way to interact with new users, a mine of limitless user-generated information about our photo collections, a fabulous history research resource for the OSU community … Did I mention that it would also ensure fame and fortune?

A lot of work, but oh so much fun.

What started off as a place for us to showcase “natural resources and forest history” has become a delightful nod to the hodgepodge of history and photographic treasures in our midst… So on our 2nd anniversary – sorry, our 2nd Commonsversary — we’re celebrating a couple years in the Flickrverse with a new set that is a few more than a couple dozen couples. Huh? “Couple of people doing stuff in the Commons” is a fun set of 30 images that show a couple of people doing a bunch of different stuff. It’s a great look at our eclectic collections! From the Best of the Archives, to the Oregon Multicultural Archives Collections, to the Gerald W. Williams Collection, it’s full of younger people, older people, romantic couples, laborers, dancers, and (of course) a lot of “standers.”

So we’ve loved traveling with you, logging with you, laughing with you. See for yourself! While you are there, make sure you spend some time and explore the rest.

Who knows what we’ll think of next?

Hello fall, we’ve missed you …

… and the hustle and bustle of a full campus!

Students going to class

Though we’ve made it to the second week of classes and things are settling down a bit on campus …


The leaves are turning and fluttering down through crisp fall mornings …


In the OSU Archives it’s another wild and wacky Wednesday!


Are you asking “why is it wacky?” (or “where is that fountain?!“) Well, while we returned to Oregon last month for our Flickr Commons releases, with two great sets from the Pendleton Round-Up, this month we are really back home!

Waldo Hall

Though we’re still looking at lantern slides from the Visual Instruction Department Collection — the one that keeps on giving — we’ve found a lovely set of images from the days of yore at OAC (OSU for you newbies).


Meander around our campus, and if you want a 2.0 trip, check out our historical walking tour, aptly named

Beaver Tracks

And make sure to stop, take a breath, and enjoy.


More people doing more stuff!

That’s right, it’s time for the next addition to the “People Doing Stuff” collection in Flickr Commons. This time we’ve gathered some of the best images of people doing stuff “Through the Seasons.” Unlike the majority of our Flickr Commons collections, these images are from a variety of photographic collections, all of which depict the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s four vibrant seasons.

Basking in the sun …

Working in the fields …

Getting really cold …

Enjoy all the seasons — and check back in 2 weeks for even more fun …

People Doing What?

We’ve launched a new Flickr Commons set in a brand new collection! It’s dedicated to people — and all the stuff they do… Not surprisingly, the collection is called “People Doing Stuff.” The first set is from the Herman Bohlman Collection, and, again not surprisingly, is called “People Doing Stuff in the Herman Bohlman Collection.” 33 images this week, with 30 more to come on the 3rd Wednesday of October (10/21).

Herman Theodore Bohlman was born on April 15, 1872 in Portland, Oregon, and lived there all of his life. He was a lifelong friend of William L. Finley, the renowned ornithologist, naturalist, and conservationist. Bohlman and Finley were co-founders of the North-Western Ornithological Association in 1894 and several accounts tell of Bohlman teaching Finley photography…

The two started photographing birds in the late 1890s and between 1899 and 1908 they made many trips to study and photograph birds. Bohlman’s photographs appeared in U.S. and international magazines, as well as in Finley’s 1907 book, American Birds.

While Bohlman’s collection in the OSU Archives is full of wonderful images of birds found in the Pacific Northwest, it is also a treasure trove of images of “people doing stuff.” Included in the collection are images of the Portland waterfront wharves, Crater Lake, Alaska, the Mazamas in the Mt. Jefferson region, and Bohlman family & friends.

Fun fact: Bohlman was associated with the family’s plumbing business in Portland for over 40 years.

Fun fact: On October 14, 1908 he married Maud Bittleston at the Finley home, Jennings Lodge. They had one son, H. Theodore Bohlman.

Fun fact: The collection consists primarily of lantern slides (mounted & unmounted), glass negatives ranging in size from 3.25×4.25 to 6.5×8.5, and nitrate base film negatives.

Want to read all about our collection?

Want to see our other Flickr Commons set full of Finley & Bohlman’s pretty birds?

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