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Hello fall, we’ve missed you …

… and the hustle and bustle of a full campus!

Students going to class

Though we’ve made it to the second week of classes and things are settling down a bit on campus …


The leaves are turning and fluttering down through crisp fall mornings …


In the OSU Archives it’s another wild and wacky Wednesday!


Are you asking “why is it wacky?” (or “where is that fountain?!“) Well, while we returned to Oregon last month for our Flickr Commons releases, with two great sets from the Pendleton Round-Up, this month we are really back home!

Waldo Hall

Though we’re still looking at lantern slides from the Visual Instruction Department Collection — the one that keeps on giving — we’ve found a lovely set of images from the days of yore at OAC (OSU for you newbies).


Meander around our campus, and if you want a 2.0 trip, check out our historical walking tour, aptly named

Beaver Tracks

And make sure to stop, take a breath, and enjoy.


Let ‘er Buck! Part 2


If you’ve been following this blog or a regular site-seer to our Flickr Commons site, you know that any set with an image of a man riding backwards on a mule is a set to spend some time looking through … The second release in the Pendleton Round-up collection will not disappoint you!

There’s action!


Aerial shots!


People falling off!

falling off horse

More racing!


And some Champion Cow Girls!

cow girls

Enjoy the ride.