Happy Commonsversary to us!

Couple of children with hops baskets

It started as a leap of faith… Two years ago we were sure that the OSU Archives Flickr Commons project would give us a new way to interact with new users, a mine of limitless user-generated information about our photo collections, a fabulous history research resource for the OSU community … Did I mention that it would also ensure fame and fortune?

A lot of work, but oh so much fun.

What started off as a place for us to showcase “natural resources and forest history” has become a delightful nod to the hodgepodge of history and photographic treasures in our midst… So on our 2nd anniversary – sorry, our 2nd Commonsversary — we’re celebrating a couple years in the Flickrverse with a new set that is a few more than a couple dozen couples. Huh? “Couple of people doing stuff in the Commons” is a fun set of 30 images that show a couple of people doing a bunch of different stuff. It’s a great look at our eclectic collections! From the Best of the Archives, to the Oregon Multicultural Archives Collections, to the Gerald W. Williams Collection, it’s full of younger people, older people, romantic couples, laborers, dancers, and (of course) a lot of “standers.”

So we’ve loved traveling with you, logging with you, laughing with you. See for yourself! While you are there, make sure you spend some time and explore the rest.

Who knows what we’ll think of next?

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