We like it local!

corvallis-market.jpgStrawberries, greens, and crunchy carrots? Must mean it’s spring in the Valley! In the Heart of that Valley (Corvallis), we expect the Saturday Farmers’ Market to grace the riverfront– but now the Wednesday Market does as well.

Link to history & archives? Only a tangential one… We are the archives of a university once named “Oregon Agricultural College,” and it’s hard to miss the greenhouses and cattle, but we have a direct link as well: the University Archivist’s wife runs the markets. No market wide discount for us, though there was a buzz in the air yesterday AM and lots of talking about glorious fruits & veggies!

And if you find yourself there on a Wednesday, at the end of the day and hungry for more than a big carrot, check out booths for the Pretzel lady, the potato doughnuts at Gathering Together, Pacific Sourdough pizza, and Zia.

For more juicy details, visit the Locally Grown site.

To learn more about last night’s event, check out the Gazette Times article.

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