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Lots of logs … and a lone sheep?


Watch for it Wednesday, April Fools’ Release? No joke, it’s true, there is a new set in OSU’s Flickr Commons account!

John Fletcher Ford, NW photographer and lifelong evangelist, began his life in Minnesota (1862). He became an evangelist early in life, living in Kansas and Iowa, and settled into the life of a pastor in the Pacific Northwest (1893) after conducting a revival in Ilwaco, Washington. Ford was an ardent opponent of liquor, and a vigorous proponent of the temperance movement.

Want a few more personal details? He married in 1882 and had 6 children. Unfortunately, he was stricken with pleurisy during the last year of his life, dying at nearly 53 on February 16, 1914 in Ilwaco. Upon his death, local newspapers praised Ford as “a genial gentleman” and “one of the best known citizens of Pacific County.” As a tribute to his geniality, newspapers also reported upon the impressive numbers of visitors who had come to pay tribute.

However, that’s not why you are here … Of course, in addition to his marriage and ministry, Ford also spent time in the forests, capturing images that document logging practices that will make you gasp—or at least make those viewers who aren’t dare-devils gasp. In his obituary, the Columbia River Sun noted that his “collection of logging and fishing views of the lower Columbia river embraced nearly every camp and fishing ground in the district. These pictures are extremely interesting and valuable and a veritamine of picturesque illustration.” As a side note, he also operated a photography studio called “Foto Studio,” in Portland (1900-1908) with John, Charles, and Richard Ford.

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