Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

It’s the birthday party that never ends!

coast.jpg dune.jpg ferry.jpg

Happy Birthday, again, Oregon– you don’t look a day over 150. Okay, really you do (2 months, 1 day over 150), but it’s been a tough few months for us…

For the April 15th launch, we’re looking in new directions, exploring new pictorial frontiers, zooming through time and place, and partnering with Oregon Explorer to pull together 150 of our most stunning historic images of Oregon’s 15 river basins.

It gets better! Not only are we showcasing natural resources, we are celebrating our state. This collection is more than a collection, it’s an event: our project was also accepted as an official Oregon 150 sesquicentennial project!

or150_web_badge_small.gifNo, that’s not all! Because the Oregon Explorer is all about places and spaces, we’ve also geo tagged these photos, when and where we could, so check it out! To learn more about geo tagging in Flickr, visit the GeoTagging Group.

Step back in time, explore the state, and tell us what you think.