Happy birthday Weatherford Hall!


OSU celebrated the 80th birthday of Weatherford Hall on Saturday night, also giving a nod to the innovative new program housed inside its walls. Austin Entrepreneurship Program, which is a “unique living-learning environment for undergraduates offering entrepreneurship courses, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to explore business ideas.”

Click any of the images below to view the 1928 OAC Alumnus story about Weatherford Hall, the “new” men’s dormitory.

oac-1.jpg oac-2.jpg oac-3.jpg oac-4.jpg oac-5.jpg oac-6.jpg

Fun fact: Weatherford Hall, part of OSU’s new historic district, is the only residential facility at OSU to be named a LEED “green” building!

Read more about the banquet in the Gazette Times article “OSU celebrates history, future of Weatherford Hall.”

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