“Keeping the User in Mind: User Experience and the Modern Library” takeaways

Keep it simple, usable, useful, desirable, valuable, findable, credible, and accessible.

We can learn from the Google User Experience Team:

  • focus on people
  • every millisecond counts
  • simplicity matters
  • engage, beg, and attract experts
  • dare to innovate
  • design for the world
  • plan for today and tomorrow’s biz
  • delight eye without distracting mind
  • be worthy of people’s trust
  • add a human touch

For the virtual users, aim for simplicity and convenience. In our physical spaces, aim for comfortable and productive environments.

Users are more interested in shared experiences and less interested in material stuff/products (not sure I agree with this one!)

If you’d like to know more, included how to learn more, check here:

  • Sadeh, T (2008) “User Experience in the Library: a Case Study” New Library World 109 (1/2)
  • Usability Professionals Association
  • The Interaction Design Association
  • The User Experience Network
  • Bell & Shank (2007): Academic Librarianship by design: a blended librarian’s guide to the tools & techniques
  • Kunlavsky, M (2003). Observing the User Experience: a Practitioner’s Guide to User Research
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