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Recipe for the day: The Alternative to “Traditional” Chips

CCC camp kitchen crew Dasheen Chips

    1. Pare raw dasheens without wetting them.
    2. Slice evenly about one-sixteenth of an inch thick and soak in plenty of water for one to two hours, changing the water at least once.
    3. Dry the slices between cloths and fry in deep fat to a straw color.
    4. Place some chips on paper so that the excess fat may be drawn from them.
    5. Salt immediately when taken from the hot fat.

      Dasheen is a common tuber found all over the world. The root can be used in many foods and was promoted as a crop by the Florida Department of Agriculture and is also known as Taro.

      Farmers’ Bulletin 1396 Dasheen, a Southern Root Crop June 1924