Lights, Camera, AI Syllabus Statement, Action!

Thousands of classroom seats will soon be filled by bright, spirited Oregon State University students. For all students, whether they are first-year undergrads or finishing a doctoral program, this is the first academic year in which widespread use of ChatGPT and other popular generative AI tools will be a major part of teaching and learning across the curriculum from the first day of classes onward. 

This will also be a novel experience for even the most seasoned teaching faculty. Given the high profile of AI, the newness of generative AI in education, and the reality that students will experience vastly difference AI policies in different courses, it is essential to communicate with your Fall ‘23 students about your expectations around AI use.

What’s to be done? The Center for Teaching and Learning recommends: 

  1. Trying out ChatGPT and possibly other free AI tools such as Bing. Explore! Your experience with generative AI tools that students may use will help inform your course policy. 
  2. Brushing up on the implications of AI tools for teaching and learning.
  3. Discussing AI teaching approaches and any unit-wide AI policies with your colleagues and unit leaders.

Then develop a clear AI policy statement for your course syllabus. Your policy may encourage, discourage, require, or prohibit particular uses of generative AI tools. See CTL’s Guidance for Syllabus Statements about AI Use for options, sample language you can customize, and sample syllabus statements from OSU faculty.

Once you have articulated your course AI policy, be sure your assignment and assessment directions align with it. Talk with your students at the beginning of the term about your AI policy and your reasoning behind it. Ask for their perspectives. This will be a prime opportunity to discuss how teaching and learning will happen in your course as you set off together on your Fall ’23 learning journey.

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Need additional support? 

Contact OSU units that support teaching and learning such as Academic Technologies, Academic Success Center, Center for Teaching and Learning, Ecampus, and Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Program.

Note: OSU teaching faculty are invited to share your AI-related syllabus statements and assignment language with CTL. If you’d like to contribute such materials for potential sharing on the CTL website, please contact

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