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  • Lights, Camera, AI Syllabus Statement, Action!

    Thousands of classroom seats will soon be filled by bright, spirited Oregon State University students. For all students, whether they are first-year undergrads or finishing a doctoral program, this is the first academic year in which widespread use of ChatGPT and other popular generative AI tools will be a major part of teaching and learning […]

  • PedAIgogy Post #5 – Considerations for Integrating AI in Writing Assignments

    By Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Oregon State University Ecampus > Generative AI tools are shaping teaching and learning in the educational landscape leading instructors to make urgent changes to their courses. While there are numerous and valid concerns about the use of these tools, ranging from ethical to bias to legal, we all need to recognize […]

  • PedAIgogy Post #4 – How Can We Help Students Think with ChatGPT?

    By Eboni Gill, M.Ed., Spring 2023 CTL blended learning intern > OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a sophisticated conversational AI platform. ChatGPT is intended to engage users in natural and human-like interactions. It has been trained on a massive quantity of text material from the internet, allowing it to comprehend and create intelligible replies in human language […]

  • PedAIgogy Post #3 – Can ChatGPT Be a Good Thing for Higher Education? Prospects and Limitations

    By Eboni Gill, M.Ed., Spring 2023 CTL blended learning intern > ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, has generated controversy within the higher education community. One key concern is the potential impact on academic integrity. As ChatGPT can generate human-like responses, there are worries that it could be used by students to cheat […]

  • PedAIgogy Post #2 – Exploring ChatGPT with Undergraduate Students: Misinformation and Fabricated References

    By Laurie Bridges and Diana Park (this blog post was written entirely by humans, despite Laurie’s urge to do otherwise) > Educators everywhere are grappling with the disruptive technology of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Librarians, who are at the center of information literacy instruction in many schools and universities, are juggling the task of learning […]

  • PedAIgogy Post #1 – Summer Steps for Teaching with AI

    By Cub Kahn and Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez > As Oregon State University celebrates more than 7,000 graduates in the class of 2023 and heads into summer break, what can faculty do to stay abreast with the evolution of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools that are rapidly becoming a significant part of teaching and learning […]

  • Curious about ChatGPT in Teaching and Learning?

    Do yourself a favor. Explore. Immerse yourself in it. We’ve landed on a new planet. Yes, we face dangers, some of which are unknown. Still. A new planet. And we’re on it. –Michael Feldstein, https://eliterate.us/chatgpt-post-asugsv-reflections-on-generative-ai/ Are you already using generative AI in your teaching? Or just curious about these new tools, but haven’t had time […]

  • ChatGPT = Giant Pedagogical Transformer? Join the Conversation about AI Tools

    Wow! The late 2022 buzz about ChatGPT and other generative AI tools has quickly become a crescendo that is ubiquitous in conversations about teaching and learning in higher ed this spring. Questions abound: How do AI tools work? In what aspects is their output biased? Should their use be discouraged or celebrated in the college […]

  • Tackling ChatGPT Head On: A Student Assignment

    It is hard to not see a reference to ChatGPT in musings and reflections on higher education today. The A.I. software that can write essays, responding to most prompts with ease, is worrying many faculty who fear students will use this technology to cheat.  Students can, and probably will, use this software.  What they use […]