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Blended Learning Research Perspectives, volume 3

Do you integrate classroom teaching and online learning activities in your classes? Do you use a flipped approach or teach reduced-seat-time hybrid courses? Or are you considering such approaches for the first time? If so, you’ll be interested in Blended Learning Research Perspectives, Volume 3, published in September by Routledge. Better yet, this new collection includes Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) research on highly effective blended teaching practices.

The Oregon State University research, by Cub Kahn, CTL and Ecampus, and Lynne L. Hindman, College of Education, involved two surveys of OSU hybrid faculty to identify what teaching practices are used by hybrid instructors and which of these practices they identify as “very effective” or “extremely effective.” The study found a high degree of consensus around 11 highly effective blended teaching practices. Not surprisingly, these practices strongly emphasize the thoughtful integration of classroom and online learning activities. For instance:

  • Learning activities outside of class prepare students to participate in class meetings
  • Group activities that have both an in-class and out-of-class component
  • Student-to-instructor interaction in both the classroom and online environment

Blended Learning Research Perspectives, Volume 3, has 22 chapters covering a broad range of studies that examine current practices, trends and rapidly changing technology of blended learning. The text is divided into major sections focusing on student outcomes, faculty issues, adaptive learning, K-12 perspectives, international perspectives, and science and health research. OSU faculty and staff can access the full text, including the OSU study (Ch. 6), through the OSU Libraries with your ONID login.

In the wake of the COVID-19 teaching disruption of 2020-21, effective blended teaching strategies appear more central to successful on-campus teaching and learning than ever. You’re invited to let the Center for Teaching and Learning know about your questions, successes, lessons learned, and professional development needs related to blended learning.

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