Starting a New Chapter at West

One would assume I was anxious moving away from home to live in a residence hall. Although I was a tad anxious, my excitement triumphed. I was eager to have a fresh start and meet new people. During START orientation in the summer, I took a tour of the Honors Living-Learning Communities and had my […]

Job Search – Alex Martino

If you spend ten minutes with me, you’ll realize I am terrible at making decisions, and I’m even more terrified of commitment (I’ve changed my major 7 times, if that’s any indication). So the concept of trying to find a job after college is both horrifying and exhilarating to me. In just four months, I […]

Great Way to Explore – Raha Kannan

As a third year engineering student, it’s hard to find room in my schedule for more classes—especially ones that aren’t required, even if they seem really interesting. So, I always get excited when I can take PAC (physical activity classes) or colloquia classes. Both types of courses are a lot of fun and great break […]

The Impact of Networking – Robyn Wells

In the Spring of 2015, I took my first Honors Colloquia course: Positive Psychology taught by Don Johnson. While we only met for two hours a week, the class was transformative, as are most Honors Colloquia classes. There were only twelve students, which created an atmosphere of discussion and collaboration and throughout the class, we […]

The Honors College Trips – Holly Duvall

Some of the biggest highlights of my first year at OSU were the trips with the Honors College each term. The first trip I went on was the weekend getaway to Sunriver in Central Oregon during winter term. During this trip, I finally got the chance to go sledding for the first time while some others […]

Thesis Support Group – Alex Martino

For the last few years, I have tried in every way possible to procrastinate beginning my thesis. I could always come up with some excuse about having too many midterms or working too many hours, when in reality I was just too overwhelmed to even begin thinking about it. Finally, I realized that if I […]

Brick Walls and a Sense of Community – Simon Brundage

Transitioning to the college lifestyle is never an easy process. In my case, there was no exception; living without home-cooked meals and the mewling of pets was uncomfortable for me, to say the least. I will never forget those first few nights, where a relentless Mr. Sandman would pollute my thoughts with anxiety. Instead of […]

Experience Cultures around the World – Tristy Retzlaff

If you are looking to engage in experiential learning, whether it is in a laboratory on campus or a country overseas, the HC can provide you with amazing opportunities! I feel incredibly fortunate to be a member of the Honors College, because it means I have access to scholarships that enable me to travel the […]

A Guide to Double Dipping – Adrian Hinkle

My first year here in the cozy college town of Corvallis went smoothly. But as the year marched by, my concerns began to grow. How will I keep paying for tuition? Where will I live next year? Is this minor really worth it? Oh – and eating, sleeping, and exercising… shouldn’t I be doing that […]

Material Culture – Dillon Koch

Some of the coolest experiences I have had at Oregon State so far have come out of my Honors colloquia courses. They have provided me with a unique opportunity to explore different subjects that wouldn’t normally be offered through my major or minors. As a public health and science student, I love to take colloquia […]