A Future in Flight – Tucker Doyle

As long as I can remember, I knew my future was anchored to the biological sciences, but I could never pinpoint my niche. This instantly changed in the spring of 2011 when I took an ornithology class. I was immediately captivated by the study of birds. I found the intelligence and coordination displayed by the […]

Testing Theories of Climate Change – Conner Olsen

This summer and fall I have been working as an intern with the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) under the mentorship of Dr. Heather Lintz and Dr. Allen Milligan. I have been studying phytoplankton to chart the relationship between the dynamics of their populations and variations in their environment. In particular, I have been […]

A Soul Freshly Inspired – Kim Kenny

During the 2011 winter break, Kimberly Kenny, an HC sophomore majoring in biology, visited Antarctica through an American Universities International Program. This unique study abroad experience earned her nine credits – and was a biologist’s and photography lover’s dream. On December 17th, 18 of us flew to Ushuaia, Argentina, a small city wedged between the […]

Serving Others Through Science – Kevin Paternostro

Serving others and science have been consistent passions in my life for many years, so when I first began to consider a career in medicine, which combines both of these passions, I knew it was for me. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have sought out opportunities that would allow me to gain experience in the […]

‘Tina, ‘Guay, ‘Le – Nathan Martchenke

To try to guess the ramifications my experiences may have on my future would be like digging through a suitcase full of beautiful, valuable things to find what lies at the bottom. Being at the bottom is relative. The suitcase could be standing up or lying on its side or hanging upside down. Although I […]

A Worldwide Range of Solutions – Annika Jean Swanson

For the 2011-2012 academic school year, I studied abroad at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. I am a sophomore science student majoring in biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State and have taken essential courses during my time abroad, including physics and organic chemistry. I have had the opportunity to be taught by professors from […]

Non-Traditional Learning – Michelle Reers

I am a non-traditional student in my senior year working toward an international degree, a major in botany and a minor in Spanish. I have wanted to travel to other countries for as long as I can remember and, in going to Querétaro Mexico, I had hoped to improve my Spanish and learn about another […]

Connecting All Over The World – Macklin Turnquist

I set two goals for myself before I began my study abroad experience in England the previous fall term. The first was to travel throughout the UK and Europe as much as possible, and the second was to meet people from all over the world and make friends with students from different cultural backgrounds. When […]

Finding Inspiration in South America – Erika Sawka

The Honors College gave me the opportunity to travel to South America, a part of the world I’ve never been, and engage in a wonderful community service project. I was inspired to visit Argentina not only to see their vibrant culture and practice my Spanish, but also to make an impact on an issue I […]

To Gain an Understanding – Krista Soderlund

June, 2014 –The Honors Experiential Scholarship has contributed to my research concerning Ceratomyxa shasta spore prevalence in post-spawned adult Chinook salmon. This term was a continuation of research that was initiated at the beginning of this year; I primarily took samples from intestinal epithelial tissue of salmon and did spore counts for the first two […]