Mathematics + Robotics = Google job

Honors College and mathematics major Johnathan Van Why has landed a job at Google months before graduation. He will start as a software engineer at Google’s Mountain View headquarters (Googleplex) in California. It is a highly impressive feat if you consider Google’s hiring statistics: They receive more than two million applicants a year and only […]

A Market for Barnacles

In Spain, a plate of gooseneck barnacles will set you back more than the cost of a lobster dinner. Known as percebes, goosenecks “set the palate in ecstasy,” a Barcelona chef recently told a reporter. Nevertheless, Julia Bingham winced a little last spring when asked if she had ever tried the tube-shaped delicacies while she […]

Bringing Life To Ancestry – Jacqueline Keating

Even though I’ve been back home from Ireland for two months now, I’m still transported back occasionally; sometimes when I smell rain on the grass, or when a breeze blows past on a cloudy day, or when I’m on the Oregon coast and a wave crashes against a rock. In the fall of 2015, I […]

The Importance of Gratitude – Hannah Huntington

During the summer of 2015, I embarked on a service trip that gave me the experience of a lifetime. Although it was only eight days in total, participating in this service trip taught me more valuable knowledge than I could have ever gained in a whole term of classes. With the help of the  Honors […]

Putting Concepts into Practice – McKenzie Tritt

During fall term of 2014, I participated in an online class discussing issues in natural resource conservation, specifically in Costa Rica. I then traveled, thanks, in part, to the Honors Experience Scholarship, to Costa Rica for about two weeks during winter break to put the concepts we had learned into practice. Our group began in […]

The World as a Global Village – Andrew Luckman

This fall I spent a semester abroad in Hong Kong at City University of Hong Kong. While there, I studied a variety of topics including finance, accounting, marketing, and Chinese culture. This semester abroad was a prerequisite for the International Business option offered by the OSU College of Business. With the completion of this semester […]

Friendship through Service – Tristy Retzlaff

During the summer of 2015, I participated in an eight-day service trip to Nicaragua through an organization called Global Brigades. Our chapter here at Oregon State worked for months to collect medications, instruments, and other supplies that we would need for a successful trip. In June, 31 of us took off to complete the capstone […]

Learning Outside the Classroom – Cassidy Radloff

I studied abroad at Lancaster University, in Lancaster, England, during Fall Term 2014. I chose Lancaster University for many reasons, but one of my main motives for wanting to study there was the Lancaster Environmental Centre. Along with my Public Health major, I am pursuing the Sustainability Double Degree here at OSU, so having the […]

Experiencing New Cultures – Shelby Stewart

During my earlier education, I always knew I wanted to come to Oregon State University to study for four reasons. The first reason being that my mother had gone here and I fell in love with the university just as she had. The second being that I excelled in science and I knew Oregon State […]

Cultural Immersion – Olivia Girod

During the summer of 2011, I participated in a six-week study abroad program through AHA International in Segovia, Spain. I chose this program to help in the completion of my Spanish minor and to continue the development of my speaking and comprehension skills. I took three semester-long courses, taught entirely in Spanish, and participated in […]