Taking Flight: The Honors College Welcomes the Return of International Opportunities

The opportunity to study internationally has long been a uniquely rewarding part of many students’ undergraduate experiences, but COVID restrictions have made it one that can also be uniquely difficult to access. With a little luck and a lot of persistence, though, it is still possible. Oregon State staff and faculty members James Sterns, Dominique […]

5 Great Things About Living in a Residence Hall

I tried to research as much as I possibly could before moving to campus my first year at Oregon State University, but it ended up being so much more than I had expected! The following information is based on the two years I spent living in Sackett Hall, one of the honors residence halls. Here […]

Enduring Value: The Honors College Experience Pays Off in Graduates’ Careers

A defining feature of the Honors College is its academic diversity. Students in any undergraduate major at Oregon State University can pursue an honors degree, and the course requirements are intentionally broad to allow for tailoring a curricular experience to individual ambitions. All honors students, though, are required to complete a thesis. The thesis is […]

The Honors College and Center for the Humanities Announce Inaugural Summer Internship Recipients

The Oregon State University Honors College and Center for the Humanities have announced the first participants in a jointly-sponsored competitive summer internship program. Honors College students Maia Insinga, Mahal Miles and Mohammed Shakibnia will work with their faculty mentors on collaborative projects designed to enhance their professional skills and development and advance faculty research. Insinga […]

Unconventional Paths Intersect and Spark a Friendship

Through the hustle and bustle of the Memorial Union, a popular hub for students and faculty on the Oregon State University campus, an unlikely pair is seen indulging in cups of coffee from Java Stop, while engaged in a seemingly riveting conversation. Actually the pair is not that unlikely — they could be mentor and […]

Do you really have time for the Honors College?

One major misconception about the Honors College (HC) that discourages students from applying is the fear that their busy schedule and course rigor will consume them. So, let’s break this down a bit. In this blog post, we’ll delve a bit more into this frequently asked question and hopefully, debunk the fear that most students […]

Honors Students Take the Classroom Abroad in HC Summer Programs

Imagine studying Geoffrey Chaucer, widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages and often called the “Father of English Literature.” Now imagine inhabiting one of his stories, walking the same footsteps that his characters did centuries ago. Honors College students can do just that—and much more—during a faculty-led study abroad trip to England first offered […]

Translating Results: HC Graduate Travels from Tanzania to Medical School

In the summer after her sophomore year, Honors College and College of Science graduate Cassidy Huun spent three weeks shadowing a pediatrician in a Tanzanian hospital. As she followed the daily work of the hospital’s physicians, she noticed that one of their most important tasks was testing the Tanzanian youth they saw for HIV. Considering […]

Mathematics + Robotics = Google job

Honors College and mathematics major Johnathan Van Why has landed a job at Google months before graduation. He will start as a software engineer at Google’s Mountain View headquarters (Googleplex) in California. It is a highly impressive feat if you consider Google’s hiring statistics: They receive more than two million applicants a year and only […]

A Market for Barnacles

In Spain, a plate of gooseneck barnacles will set you back more than the cost of a lobster dinner. Known as percebes, goosenecks “set the palate in ecstasy,” a Barcelona chef recently told a reporter. Nevertheless, Julia Bingham winced a little last spring when asked if she had ever tried the tube-shaped delicacies while she […]