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Seth Thomas – Honors College Class of 2020

Senior Seth Thomas has left his mark on Oregon State University with commitment to his academics, contributions to scientific research, and engagement with the Oregon State and Honors College community. Through hard work, perseverance, and authenticity, Seth lived his undergraduate experience to the fullest, and is now graduating with a full set of skills and accomplishments under his belt.

A Reno, Nevada native, Seth came to Oregon State University for its beautiful campus and climate and its research accessibility. He was immediately drawn to Oregon State’s magnificent brick buildings and incredible greenery, and ultimately committed because of its endless opportunities for students.

Seth is a hard-working double major, double minor student — studying biology with a focus in ecology, environmental science with a focus in environmental energy policy, and chemistry and political science. He crafted his field of study with care, choosing these areas because they are all encompassing of what he wants to do in the future: conservation biology work.

Aside from his academics, Seth has been an incredible asset to the Oregon State and Honors College community. He started out his undergrad with a bang, becoming the West Hall president in his freshman year. Over the years, he has also been very involved in the Honors College Student Association.

“I’ve really enjoyed my Honors College experience,” Seth says. “…Definitely the people I’ve met through the Honors College has been my favorite part.”

Among his favorite Honors College memories are the Honors College Gala he helped to put on last spring, and the chances he got to participate in the HC’s London and France study-abroad programs.

While thriving in his academic pursuits and community contributions, Seth has been working on a thesis focused on modeling caribou migrations. He discovered this thesis topic in his Population Biology class and has worked with Ben Dalziel on the project.

About his overall Honors College experience, Seth remarks, “It gave me a lot of chances to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise done … and it’s been a place I could always come back to.”

Seth has been offered a place of study at the University of Oxford after graduation, where he plans to continue his education in evolution ecology and conservation biology. After receiving his master’s degree, Seth plans to go on to receive his PhD.

For those considering attending Oregon State University and the Honors College, Seth has one simple piece of advice, “Don’t be afraid to try anything.”

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