Fulbright Scholar researches AI for the greater good

Shaurya Gaur, an Honors College student graduating in June from Oregon State University with his bachelor’s degree in computer science, discovered his passions for technology and social policy early in life. “My dad worked in tech, so I’ve always been around it,” Gaur said. “In high school, I took programming, engineering, and 3D modeling courses and […]

Former classmates collaborate on cancer therapies

Brynn Olden, B.S. chemical engineering ’13, and Honors College graduate Anthony Amsberry, H.B.S. bioengineering ’13, had big plans in high school. Olden, in Wilsonville, wrote them down for a Spanish class assignment. In translation, she said — I will be a scientist, cure cancer, and win a Nobel Prize. Just 15 miles away in Beaverton, […]

Michael Kupperman – Honors College Class of 2020

Michael Kupperman has immersed himself in the academic and research opportunities that Oregon State University and the Honors College have to offer. From taking a challenging STEM course load to writing a high-quality thesis, Michael has worked diligently to get the most out of his undergraduate experience.  Originally from Hillsboro, Oregon, Michael chose Oregon State […]

Amira Smith – Honors College Class of 2020

As an incoming freshman, Amira Smith was immediately amazed by what Oregon State University and the Honors College had to offer. Already sold by OSU’s incredible environmental science program, Amira became truly immersed in her new community when she jetted off for the London Study Abroad trip with the HC before even starting classes.  Now […]

Nathan Lausmann – Honors College Class of 2020

Honors senior Nathan Lausmann, an industrial engineering student and member of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), has been seeking out adventure since high school and hasn’t stopped since. Nathan took a leap after graduating high school and decided to take a gap year, using the time to backpack across six countries in […]