Slideshare: Visual Learning Tool

Slideshare is a platform that allows you share presentations, infographics, and even videos. You can also create presentations on Slideshare using Haiku (which is much more visually appealing than your traditional PPT).

The website is easy to sign into, and easy to upload content to. It also has a cool feature where you can search for presentations on topics of interest.

Most academics utilize this to upload PPT presentations from conferences. The problem with this is that they created a PPT that was supposed to go with a speaker, so uploading them to Slideshare without tweaking makes them uninspiring and noneducational. There is a transcript space, but you have to keep scrolling up and down to read the corresponding statement for each slide.

Slideshare made this great blog post on how to transform a presentation into a more visually appealing and informational format, I highly recommend reading this should you want to use this tool:

It is pretty inspiring to see professionally made presentations!

Ultimately though, I think most of us would prefer to use a tool that allows us to record audio to the presentation, making it accessible to both verbal and auditory learners.


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One Response to Slideshare: Visual Learning Tool

  1. Jeff Hino says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful review of Slideshare. I agree, that it isn’t very clear what the instructional value is in a series of silent slides, although it can give a quick overview and some insights into a topic. Kind of like visual skimming to see what ideas are there.

    You can actually add audio (narration only…no music allowed!) to your Slideshare. The process involves using an audio recording program like Audacity, then going through a number of steps to upload an mp3 file to Slideshare, and then syncing…etc., etc. Seems like a lot of work versus using something like Screencast-o-Matic and just creating a YouTube. But having said that, I know that Linda McMahan got a lot of mileage out of using SlideShare for her hybrid Master Gardener course.

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