Getting Started with Canvas for Extension

canvas-logoObtaining a Canvas Site Through PACE

This information is intended for Extension faculty who are using PACE’s Extension Enrollment system. Going through PACE provides you with access to the IdealLogic registration system. This is the portal through which your clients (non-ONID users) will get full access to OSU Canvas.

If you haven’t already done so, submit a request to PACE to begin the registration setup for your program or course. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Fill out the PACE Extension Enrollment Form located at  (This is the same form you might have used to work with PACE on registration for other types of Extension classes and workshops.) 
  2. PACE will review your information, and reply to you with any questions they have about your registration set-up. PACE will also create a Canvas shell for you, and email you a confirmation containing the Canvas course number and title. This can take one or two days, but they try to get your Canvas shell set up within 48 hours. You will see your new Canvas course when you log into your Canvas account. The site will be a “course shell,” essentially a blank slate in which to build your course.
  3. Once the registration form is set up in Ideal-Logic and you put your content into Canvas, the course can be launched. PACE will send you a URL to the Ideal-Logic registration form that students will use to set up a student account and register for your course.  Students will then access Canvas through their Ideal-Logic student account. You can contact PACE with any questions, at or 541-737-4197.

Setting Up Your Course

Setting up a course in Canvas the first time may seem daunting. To help Extension faculty hit the ground running, we are providing an OSU Extension Course Template. The template models a way to structure your course and offers guidance to add and organize your course content. The template does not prescribe course content; you can easily modify it to suit your needs.

Once you’ve viewed the Extension Course Template, you may choose to quickly import the template into your course by following these steps:

(Here also is a brief video showing the steps in this process.)

  1. Go to your OSU Canvas dashboard. You can reach it by logging in with your ONID password here.
  2. Click on the “Commons” button at the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Now you’re in Canvas Commons. Type “Extension Course Template” in the search box.
  4. Click the title “Extension Course Template” in the search results to select that template.
  5. On the right side menu, select your course that you want to import the template to.
  6. Click the green “Import into Course” button. (It may take a little while if your course is or large.)
  7. View your course to confirm that the template was imported properly, and make any necessary adjustments.

Using the Extension Canvas Template

Use the green highlighted text in the template to guide you as you build your course. Remember to remove all of the guide text before you publish your course. You can publish by clicking the “Publish” button at the upper right of the course homepage.

Need More Help?

Click on “Help” at the lower left of any Canvas page to search the Canvas Guides, to chat live 24/7 with Canvas support or to reach the Canvas phone support hotline.

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