The Extension Hybrid Learning blog is an ongoing conversation about the practices and potentials of hybrid teaching and learning within OSU Extension. All OSU faculty and staff are invited to contribute to this dialogue.

Extension is in a unique position to take it’s long history of teaching and engagement and bring it to a wider audience in a format that is accessible and adaptable to the rigors of 21st Century life. Hybrid learning offers a means to that end.  Extension is blessed with natural born teachers. Hybrid learning takes that into account and gives both the Extension educator and their audience a unique forum that combines the best of both worlds: the classroom with it’s face-to-face engagement,, and the Internet, where people are now going for information gathering, and increasingly, their learning.  There will be challenges to this method:   resources, time, training, and some plain old resistance.  But the Spring ’14 and ’15 Extension Hybrid Learning Study Groups have paved the way, and helped to identify strengths and challenges of this technique. Onward!

You’re welcome to join us on this journey,

Cub Kahn and Jeff Hino


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