Hybrid Teaching in Extension- OSU Faculty Share Their Ideas

In this video, OSU faculty share their plans to initiate hybrid approaches to their Extension programming. Hybrid offers a new normal for lifelong learning, with the potential to reach new and wider audiences. It also offers efficiency, the capacity for easy sharing of resources, and reduces travel costs associated with full on-site programming.


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About Jeff Hino

I'm the Extension Learning Technology Leader. My goal is to help integrate technology into teaching and learning, and communicating in the Extension world. Often that means to "feel your pain" when you work with technology, and find ways to make it as easy as possible. While admittedly a techy, my favorite quote these days is "if technology is the answer, what is the question?" It's not technology for technology's sake. I look forward to being there with you in the search for value and meaning for these new tools in the great work you do.
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