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Voki allows you to create speaking avatars that can be included in websites, blogs, etc. It is meant to be used as an educational tool and is geared more for educating children. The characters types are endless, ranging from animals to fantasy figures, that can be created and used to narrate a script. There is also the option to record your own voice, upload your own audio, character, and/or background images. The script can be read in many different languages in with with different voice types. The basic character creation can be done for free. Other features are available based on different subscription packages. Other features include lesson plan sharing among educators, and material management for student access.

It does not take long to figure out how to create your own avatar. It’s a little more difficult to determine how much can be done with them, and the applicability of the extra bundles and features is not immediately apparent. Based on my experience I would say it could serve as a “neat” addition to a lesson plan, but I can’t see heavy reliance on these tools for extensive use. I created a sample avatar and it can be viewed here. An embeddable code is provided, but it requires flash player.

Review by Gilbert Uribe

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  1. Jeff Hino says:

    Hmmm… the link didn’t work to see your avatar. I agree Voki is a little eccentric, but I could see using it as an occasional means of grabbing student’s attention through humor, or to lighten up a difficult topic or concept. Not for everyone, but an interesting addition to your toolbox.

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