Oregon Wetlands for Educators-first try at using My Brainshark

The on-line learning tool I reviewed was My Brainshark http://my.brainshark.com/Home.aspx

This tool allows the user to quite easily add voice over or music to a Powerpoint, photo albums, etc. I took the challenge and made my first mybrainshark Powerpoint using slides describing wetland types and functions. The program makes it easy to follow, but I quickly realized how many imperfections I have in my voice. I will blame most of the voice recording on the phone connection :). I also need to learn to breath more quietly in the phone–it picks up every breath. For those of us who have special folders just for Powerpoint presentation, this is a fun and useful tool to have experience with.

If you really want to learn more about wetland types, I have pasted a link to the presentation here: http://my.brainshark.com/Wetland-Types-and-Functions-3-30-15-105453507

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4 Responses to Oregon Wetlands for Educators-first try at using My Brainshark

  1. Pat Willis says:

    Thanks Brook, with some practice, this tool could be really useful.

  2. Jeff Hino says:

    Pat, this is exactly what we hoped you’d find…a relatively easy means to create alternatives to the in-class lecture…and this Brainshark (more funny names) does just that. I actually *liked* the phone connection…it was sort of like a phone interview on a radio with an expert, with the added value of the visuals. In an unsuspected way, the phone sound quality makes it more casual, and friendly. And you have a excellent voice quality. You’re a natural narrator. We can talk about better mic options if you choose to go that way. But don’t let not having a good mic stop you. You’ve shown how it can be done!

  3. Cub Kahn says:

    This is an excellent example of the utility of myBrainshark, Pat, and a good advertisement for your Oregon Wetlands for Educators course as well. Sign me up!

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