Victor Villegas prepares for first EMDUG virtual user group meeting
Victor Villegas in the studio during 1st EMDUG meeting

Thank you to all those who joined us online for our first EMDUG user group meeting via Adobe Connect on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012. Here is the recording of the session for everyone who wasn’t able to make it. Please give us your comments and feedback regarding the meeting…what you liked, what we can improve, etc. We plan to have our next meeting sometime in November.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a glitch that happened during the recording, there is a point in the presentation where the sound drops out and then comes back but is out of synch with the video. Pausing the recording and clicking slightly behind (to the left of the play head) sometimes helps in re-synching the audio with the video. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will work to obtain a better recording next time.

EMDUG User Group Meeting #0 archived recording

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2 thoughts on “EMDUG User Group Meeting #0 Recording

  1. What studio? Where were you broadcasting from? What equipment were you using? Who has that equipment? The sound was wonderful, before it cut out. It seemed to cut out when you went to share your screen. Did you figure out why it did that? I enjoy learning via Adobe Connect, so I’m curious.

    Looking forward to trying Google+ and Lync for our meetings too. Thanks for doing this!

    • Hi Karen. Thanks for your interest in the behind-the-scenes production process of the Adobe Connect session.

      It wasn’t an actual recording studio but rather a makeshift setup done in the Ballard 104 room on the OSU campus. We presented the webinar using Adobe Connect 9, accessed via a Macbook (Victor) and Macbook Pro (Jeff). Microphone used was a Bluemic USB Yeti mic. It is owned by ECTU and one of the mics we recommend and support. It is available for OSU Extension use on a limited basis. You can contact us for more information.

      Hope that answers your questions. Glad you enjoyed the session. We too look forward to try out different ways of doing the meetings using other technologies so that people can learn not only about mobile device use, but online conferencing and education as well.

      Victor & Jeff

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