In this episode we discuss mobile video, video tips, camera apps, editing apps, and how we can start using video in Extension.

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One of the best features of the iPhone is the ability to capture video. There was a time, not to long ago, when producing a video ment you had to have a lot of expensive equipment and a professional videographer or media specialist to shoot it. While professional video is still an option, we now have the capability to produce good quality videos just using an iPhone.

Karen McKee is a scientist who discovered the value of using video to conduct research, illustrate her methods and explain science concepts. She has created blog “to inspire colleagues and students of science to begin making videos about their work and their science topics.”

In her How to Make a Science Video with Your iPhone: Videolicious blog post, Karen shows a very simple way to make one-minute science videos using an iPhone and the Videolicious app. Watch Karen’s accompanying YouTube video to see how easy it is, and be sure to visit her blog for more information on making your own science videos.

Now this is what I call mobile video – a remotely controlled roaming robot consisting of an iPad on a stick attached to what looks like a mini Segway. The technologist in me loves the ingenuity behind this mobile video robot, but something about it just feels a little weird. What do you think?

The robotics technology boom is just getting started and we’ll be see lots more of this soon. I could definitely think of tons of different ways to use this, especially remote support. Think about it, being virtually there…but not. Strange and interesting indeed.