A list of our favorite apps:

  • iMovie
  • Evernote
  • Instagram
  • Pages (Facebook pages management)

Leave us a list of your favorite apps in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Planet of the Apps

  1. I’ve been testing a number of note-taking apps over the last several months. I’m searching for an app that would permit me to create multimedia notes–embedding photos, videos, drawings, text, etc. So far I still haven’t found THE one, but have been having some luck with these three:

    Evernote – likely the most popular; but it demands a fair amount of attention to detail on filing, categorizing, etc.

    HyperNote – Allows drawing, photos, text in a friendly environment. However, it suffers from crashes. Perhaps future updates will make it more stable.

    pdf-notes – I demo’d this on our recent EMDUG webcast. It allows you to import pdfs, highlight text (in a variety of colors) and add sticky notes. My hope is to reduce printing pdfs to take to meetings.

    I do believe that tablets have great potential to replace our spiral notebooks, folders of loose papers and other meeting detritus that fills our file cabinets. In the ideal world, you could have every note and document on your tablet and at your fingertips at any meeting. And those notes could be supplemented by video clips, photos, diagrams, and your own drawings, doodles, etc. anytime. The challenge will then be how to organize them in a meaningful way.

    So what’s on your iPad?


  2. A cautionary PS. WIth respect to trying out a variety of note-taking apps I have created a bit of a dilemma remembering which app I put which note in. Currently there is no global search function (that I know of) that would find a specific document on your iPad.


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