Job Descriptions

My current job I hold, is the job I have chosen to talk about because it had a semi formal hiring process and I was able to find the actual job description that I have attached below. I am currently and have been for the last 3 terms an academic tutor for student athletes. I actually found out about this job through a few friends that had worked there for a few years before I had and I knew was something I would be interested in doing. After hearing from my friend that they were currently hiring I was able torch out to my now boss so I could learn more about the opportunity. After speaking with him he sent me the link to apply on the OSU job postings website and had me look over the description and qualifications. The description is not very long but it gave me a good idea of what would be expected from me. In a very broad manner it covers what I do but not in great detail. As you can see below I need to be available to work during the week, and need to be able to teach these student athletes a handful of classes that I have taken during my college career. I think the biggest difference is that there is actually two different jobs available under this listing and I have held both now, one being a tutor and another being a facilitator. In this job you are not expected to teach but instead run a study hall where you over see athletes do their homework.

Experience with Discrimination

What happens when a company you support has a case of wide spread discrimination that directly effects a group you identify with?

This isn’t a black and white answer because it something that we see everyday in the news. There is always a new article about a company that has discriminated against people of color or a company that as far as they go back pay women less wages compared to their male counter parts. So how we we respond to these companies and places of business that have these issues going on is very important. This is because if the companies face no backlash or if it is forgotten about in a mere week then they think it is not a big enough deal that they need to focus their time and money on. I am not perfect I have definitely supported companies that I know don’t do the right things or make decisions to better there company. Through the last three years I have been trying to become a more conscious consumer and support companies that are striving to end wage gaps and make there company a better place for groups that get discriminated against but I am still not perfect and have a lot of room to grow. If a company that I currently supported came out in a big scandal about how they have had longstanding issues that they have not tried to address I would make a conscious decision to try to avoid supporting this company because I think it is important that these companies understand they need to start making a change or they will lose business and supporters.

Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment and Selection

  • Organization choose to allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than employee recruiting and selection because they think there will be more pay off for them if they put money into the product rather than the employees. Many firms believe this because the pay off of putting money into the employee recruitment and selection doesn’t have a quick pay off and it can be very expensive but in the long term it really gives the company a much bigger advantage. A company could also do this because they may not realize that this is a huge part of having a successful company and that if they were to invest the money in this area instead of marketing and design the company could see much less employee turnover.
  • There can be many strengths and weaknesses involved in the decision to not prioritize recruitment and selection. A strength could be that it is a very expensive to make a well auctions recruitment and selection part of the business and if they do not put the money towards this it can be used in other areas. A weakness is that the company will see much more turnover with employees and will actually end up loosing them money in the long run. Another weakness of not prioritizing this is that if you are not hiring the correct people for the job and the people that are actually invested in the job, they will not be working towards making the company better but instead just for money. This is a very important aspect because if all of your employees care about what your company does and is invested in its future they will be more efficient and push your company to excel.

Blog Post: Job Application Experiences

  • Over this past month I had the opportunity to work through the application process at a recruiting firm in Oregon. Through this process I talked to two people on the phone, worked with the HR director over email to then set up a zoom interview with the head director of the North West. This zoom interview was an hour and half and at the end he told me the reasons he really liked me for this job and also the concerns he had. The last step in the process was a half day with the company which during COVID times meant pretty much 6 short interviews with people from the Portland office. During the interview process I was in constant contact with their HR director and had to fill out paperwork and work with them over email to schedule interviews and work through the process.
  • When I think about how this job application process effected how I view this job I think that it had a big impact on me wanting the job more and also that the company cared to take many different times out of there day to meet with me to make sure I am the right person for the job. I think that through this job application process I realized that this is a company who really cares for their employees and wants only the people who will fit into their company to work there. Through this process I also got the opportunity to see how much the company cares about their employees and customers and that was a very important factor I looked for in a company.