Blog Post: Experiences With Discrimination

If I heard about a claims and a public lawsuit against company engaging in widespread discrimination, I think that it would alter the way I feel about the company. I think it is important to support companies with good company policies that treat their employees with respect, and I would not feel comfortable supporting a company that I knew was doing otherwise. With this being said, I have personally worked for companies that had managers that were discriminatory both towards certain races as well as genders. I unfortunately cannot say that I stood up and left the company. Instead I continued to work there for 2 years after the discrimination began. Since I personally faced discrimination in the work place, and have learned how harming it can be, I do not feel comfortable supporting other companies that do the same. With this in mind, I would also not like to work for a company that has claims against them for discriminatory practices. I personally learned from my decisions to stay with a company that engaged in these activities, and am more cognizant looking for jobs now.

Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Hiring practices, with recruitment and selection are a big part of a company’s success as people are the ones that run the company. Some organizations may decide to allocate more resources to things other than hiring such as marketing of product design. These companies may allocate more resources to these elements of their operations because they feel that getting customers to buy their products will be their biggest determinant of financial success. Other reasons that companies may not allocate as many resources to employee recruitment and selection may be that they do not fully understand the cost of hiring an employee that does not fit the job, or they may have a more automated process that does not require a large labor force in order to operate. 

Some potential strengths associated with allocating more money to business processes other than recruitment and selection include having more financial assets to go towards advancing their product lines and making their customers more aware of their products or services. Another potential strength of this is that they do not have to employ as many individuals in these recruitment and selection jobs which may decrease their labor costs. With that being said, there are also substantial weaknesses associated with not allocating resources to employee recruitment and selection. Some of these weaknesses include a high cost of employee turnover and a negative impact on company culture. If someone is hired that does not fit the position, the company will have to allocate even more resources to hire a new person to fill the position. They will also be paying a worker that does not fit the position a salary even though they are not correctly doing their job or do not positively fit into the company culture.

Blog Post: Job Application Experiences

The last job I applied for was at a mid-size accounting firm located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I met and became aware of the company at an Oregon State University career fair. When talking to the recruiters at this company, I found them to be very welcoming and professional. They seemed like they wanted to get to know me both professionally and personally, as well as tell me about why they felt I was a good fit for an internship position at their organization. After talking to these recruiters, I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of the culture at the company, without ever having to step foot in the firm. Furthermore, when filling out their online application, all of the questions seemed to be behavioral questions structured in a way that I could easily talk about my past job experiences, as well as the things I learned in these positions. Overall, I felt that both the company website as well as job application were very well structured and organized, which made it very easy to learn more about the company and apply for the job.

The ease I felt having a professional conversation with the recruiters at this company made me want to look more into what the company did and what it could offer me. I found that the company’s website was very easy to navigate and gave me great information about the company and the types of clients that they work with. I also had a very easy time finding the company on social media accounts such as Instagram and LinkedIn. When I opened the job application, it was very organized and every portion of the application corresponded to a drop down menu where you could see the portions you had completed as well as ones that still were incomplete. Overall, I think the organization that I experienced in every part of my job search at this company really drew me in. Everyone was very professional, but always had a smile on their face and was willing to answer any questions I had.  The positive company culture made me very excited to apply for the position. I actually ended up getting an interview with the company, and was offered a full time position once I graduate. I am currently completing a busy season internship at this company, and can attest to the fact that the company has maintained their professionalism as well as positive company culture that I experienced in the job application process.