Natural Resources, specialization in Human Dimensions
Ecampus Junior
Hometown: Sayreville, New Jersey

How did you get interested in this particular field? 
I wasn’t really sure what major I wanted after reading through a few I discovered Natural Resources. It seemed like a good balance between science, management, and a broad (but interesting) field of study.

What brought you to OSU?
Finding a degree plan that I could complete was very important to me as I am currently in the military. I stumbled on OSU once I discovered which major I wanted.  OSU was rated very highly in regards to their online Forestry program and so it seemed like the natural choice!

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a student?
The best experience I’ve had as a student is being able to meet people outside of the military who are also interested in the things I am interested in. It has been refreshing to get to know people from all different backgrounds and walks if life.

In addition to school, how do you spend your time?
I work full time as an enlisted member of the United States Air Force, but when I’m not doing that I like to spend time watching Netflix with my husband and cat.

What’s your goal for your education?  A particular dream job?
I never want to stop learning. Even when my university career is finished I intend to always find ways to keep my education going. As for my dream job, I haven’t exactly figured that out yet, but I look forward to doing something that leaves me with the feeling that I have positively contributed to humanity in some way.

Is there something you wish Faculty and staff knew about you or your fellow students?
I hope the faculty and staff know how grateful a lot of us are for their help. I know as an Ecampus student sometimes trying to work around work and a different time zone is difficult, but there have always been people at OSU willing to help me.

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