Major: Forestry, Forest Management and Forest Restoration + Fire Options
Class of 2024
Hometown: Beaverton, OR

How did you get interested in this particular field?
I have always had a fascination with ecology and the management of systems. What really drew me to forestry was an internship I held the summer before my senior year in high school through Saturday Academy, Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering. I interned at Horning Tree Seed Orchard where I did inventories, data collection, analysis, and seed germination research. From this well rounded experience I decided to pursue an education in forestry to learn more about what I love.

What brought you to OSU?
I was very blessed to have received enough funding from various donors to attend OSU entirely on scholarship, to whom I am so grateful. Along with this OSU is the premier forestry program in the United States, and that program in Sweden is too cold for my liking. 

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a student?
Being able to work as a research assistant my first year at school has been the best experience I’ve had so far. It has been such a valuable opportunity to gain work experience and applications of what I’ve learned in my classes. The autonomy I’ve been trusted with to carry out experiments has been wonderful as well!

In addition to school, how do you spend your time?
As previously mentioned, I work as a research assistant in Strauss Lab if I am not in class or taking a nap I am likely to be found working in the lab. Aside from lab work I like to study Africanisms in music, learning and playing rhythms that transcend genres and countries.

What’s your goal for your education? A particular dream job?
Following an bachelors degree I have my sights set on a masters to further my education and possibly a doctorate, although right now I am just trying to best my finals schedule of my first term of my first year! Recently I have been exploring the cross section between bioengineering and forest management practice. I hope to find myself in a career that employs both these disciplines (preferably somewhere tropical).

Is there something you wish Faculty and staff knew about you or your fellow students?
Aprendí español en mi juventud espero que pueda utilizar el lenguaje en mi futuro empleo (I learned Spanish in my youth and hope to use it in my future career.)

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