The College of Education participated in yesterday’s National Day of Service in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s service and legacy, by gathering at College Hill High School for a joint service project.

In total, 19 people volunteered for a total of 53 service hours given to College Hill High School

Here’s a collage of photos from yesterday’s event:



The College of Education is proud to be a co-sponsor of this event with the OSU Pride Center. Come listen to a Pride Panel of LGBTQ students, teachers, and faculty discuss their experiences in the K-12 educational system.

Our goal in partnering on this event is to discuss gender and sexual identity issues in education from both a student and teacher perspective.  This is part of our professional development efforts, and we hope everyone leaves with some new resources/ideas for continued professional development.

For more on this topic, please check out this blog post from Teaching Tolerance, who posted an anonymous blog entry from a gay elementary school teacher:  The Classroom Closet . He is responding to a district’s screening of the Teaching Tolerance movie Bullied.  (We do have a copy in the College of Education if you want to see it.)  The blog entry is a moving read with several personal stories in the comments from readers.

For further reading, you can also view these links, courtesy of Teaching Tolerance:


The Classroom Closet: A Pride Panel on Queerness & Education

When: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Time: 5:00pm until 6:30pm
Where: Furman Hall Atrium (4th Floor)

mlkMonday, January 20th, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and it has been declared a National Day of Service in observation of Dr. King’s service and legacy.

The College of Education will honor Dr. King through a joint service project with College Hill High School students in Corvallis.  The principal, volunteer cooridator, and students have identified projects that would help their school for this day of service.

Give back to our local community on Monday, January 20th!  Please consider joining us for a shift.

The sign-up link is here:

College Hill High School is located at 510 NW 31st Street in Corvallis.

If you have any questions, please contact Allyson Dean.

_dsc6248_0The College of Education’s 2014-2015 Scholarship and Fellowship application has now been posted:

Here is a tentative list of the scholarships available:

Karen and Sarah Graves Memorial Scholarship
Denabelle Linville Scholarship
Arizona Sawyers Scholarship
Herman & Lois Miller Scholarship
Teacher Education Scholarship
College of Education Scholarship
Hagen Scholarship
Janet & Ron May Merit Scholarship
Matthew & Francis Kralj Scholarship
Judith Hatch Memorial Scholarship
Matilda Thorgaard Hawaiian Education Scholarship
Warren N & Carlene K Suzuki Memorial Scholarship
Milosh & Jeanne Popovich Scholarship
Helen Kruchek ’40 Endowed Scholarship
Warren Suzuki Legacy Scholarship
Forrest Gathercoal Memorial Scholarship
Rieke & Chaplin Memorial Scholarship
Elwood J Keema Fellowship Award
Clayton K Dart Memorial Fellowship Award
Jacquelin Springer Burrill Graduate Fellowship Award
Scott D Henderson Memorial Fellowship Award
Fred K Thompson Memorial Fellowship Award
Ella P Hill and William W Hern Scholarship
Stanley E Williamson Memorial Scholarship
Fred W Fox Scholarship in Science Education
Science and Mathematics Education Fellowship Award
Maggie Niess Scholarship in Math Education
S David and Carol R Eves Scholarship

Visit our Education Scholarships and Fellowships page for more details and you can also view this downloadable list of College of Education Scholarships and Fellowships.

divestTwo College of Education faculty were part of a group of speakers from OSU Divest, a faculty-led group that wants Oregon State University’s foundation to rid itself of investments in fossil fuel companies, who made an 18-minute presentation Thursday before the Faculty Senate.

Ken Winograd and Mike O’Malley (College of Education), Glencora Borradaile (College of Engineering) and professor emeritus Richard Clinton all spoke on various aspects of the campaign.

OSU Divest wants the OSU Foundation to:

• Immediately cease all new investments in any of the top 200 fossil fuel companies;
• Ensure that within five years none of its assets include holdings in such companies; and
• Release quarterly updates to the public detailing progress made toward complete divestment.

Learn more about OSU Divest campaign on their Facebook page.

You can read the entire Corvallis Gazette-Times article here.

Forrest and Joan Gathercoal
Forrest Gathercoal, pictured with his wife, Joan Baines Gathercoal.

In August, 2013, Joan Baines Gathercoal established a scholarship in memory of her late husband and former College of Education Assistant Dean and Professor Emeritus, Forrest Gathercoal, to provide scholarships to students in the College of Education.

Forrest, also known as “Spike,” served as Assistant Dean of the School of Education from 1973 to 1976. While teaching at the School of Education, Forrest developed a new model of classroom management and school discipline that he first published in 1986 under the title, Judicious Discipline.  The model led to eight additional books and numerous articles that expanded this model to other areas including music teaching, coaching, and parenting.

Forrest advocated that on the first day of class educators should introduce themselves by saying, “Good morning students, I am your teacher and I am here to protect your human rights.” Through this one greeting, he says a relationship is established creating a feeling among students that their educational leader is there to help and support each and every one of them as individuals.