divestTwo College of Education faculty were part of a group of speakers from OSU Divest, a faculty-led group that wants Oregon State University’s foundation to rid itself of investments in fossil fuel companies, who made an 18-minute presentation Thursday before the Faculty Senate.

Ken Winograd and Mike O’Malley (College of Education), Glencora Borradaile (College of Engineering) and professor emeritus Richard Clinton all spoke on various aspects of the campaign.

OSU Divest wants the OSU Foundation to:

• Immediately cease all new investments in any of the top 200 fossil fuel companies;
• Ensure that within five years none of its assets include holdings in such companies; and
• Release quarterly updates to the public detailing progress made toward complete divestment.

Learn more about OSU Divest campaign on their Facebook page.

You can read the entire Corvallis Gazette-Times article here.

Dr. Molly Phipps
Dr. Molly Phipps
Dr. Molly Phipps

The College of Education is pleased to introduce Dr. Molly Phipps as a guest lecturer for the winter term. Dr. Phipps will be teaching Dr. Lynn Dierking’s course, “Sociocultural Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning,” while Dr. Dierking is on sabbatical.

Dr. Phipps is the owner of Molly Phipps Consulting, a free-choice learning firm that conducts research and evaluation on environmental education and community-building endeavors. She is the first PhD graduate of the Oregon State University Free-Choice Learning program with a minor in Oceanography, where she studied the implementation of an iPod-based program at Hatfield Marine Science Center for her dissertation.

Dr. Phipps received her undergraduate degree in geology-biology from Brown University and worked as a research assistant and lab manager in a paleoclimatology lab at Brown before moving to Oregon. Since graduating from OSU, she has lived in St. Paul, MN where she worked as a Senior Evaluation and Research Associate at the Science Museum of Minnesota until 2013. At the Science Museum of Minnesota, her work focused on the visual display of data on Science on a Sphere, communicating climate change through exhibits and programs for the public, workshops for scientists, and community development project.

In her new venture, Molly Phipps Consulting, Dr. Phipps is focusing on evaluation capacity building for smaller organizations, program evaluation for free-choice learning opportunities, and ways to make evaluation more sustainable. She also serves on the board of directors for the Minnesota Association of Environmental Education, on the Educational Committee for the Will Steger Foundation, and on the Editorial Board for Visitor Studies; she is the 2013-2014 Chair of the Informal Learning Environment’s Research SIG at AERA.

When she’s not working, Dr. Phipps enjoys spending time outside with her husband Ralph, their daughter Lila, and their pets gardening or walking along the Mississippi River, as well as cooking, and knitting.

Forrest and Joan Gathercoal
Forrest Gathercoal, pictured with his wife, Joan Baines Gathercoal.

In August, 2013, Joan Baines Gathercoal established a scholarship in memory of her late husband and former College of Education Assistant Dean and Professor Emeritus, Forrest Gathercoal, to provide scholarships to students in the College of Education.

Forrest, also known as “Spike,” served as Assistant Dean of the School of Education from 1973 to 1976. While teaching at the School of Education, Forrest developed a new model of classroom management and school discipline that he first published in 1986 under the title, Judicious Discipline.  The model led to eight additional books and numerous articles that expanded this model to other areas including music teaching, coaching, and parenting.

Forrest advocated that on the first day of class educators should introduce themselves by saying, “Good morning students, I am your teacher and I am here to protect your human rights.” Through this one greeting, he says a relationship is established creating a feeling among students that their educational leader is there to help and support each and every one of them as individuals.


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