_dsc6248_0The College of Education’s 2014-2015 Scholarship and Fellowship application has now been posted: http://education.oregonstate.edu/college-education-2014-2015-scholarship-application.

Here is a tentative list of the scholarships available:

Karen and Sarah Graves Memorial Scholarship
Denabelle Linville Scholarship
Arizona Sawyers Scholarship
Herman & Lois Miller Scholarship
Teacher Education Scholarship
College of Education Scholarship
Hagen Scholarship
Janet & Ron May Merit Scholarship
Matthew & Francis Kralj Scholarship
Judith Hatch Memorial Scholarship
Matilda Thorgaard Hawaiian Education Scholarship
Warren N & Carlene K Suzuki Memorial Scholarship
Milosh & Jeanne Popovich Scholarship
Helen Kruchek ’40 Endowed Scholarship
Warren Suzuki Legacy Scholarship
Forrest Gathercoal Memorial Scholarship
Rieke & Chaplin Memorial Scholarship
Elwood J Keema Fellowship Award
Clayton K Dart Memorial Fellowship Award
Jacquelin Springer Burrill Graduate Fellowship Award
Scott D Henderson Memorial Fellowship Award
Fred K Thompson Memorial Fellowship Award
Ella P Hill and William W Hern Scholarship
Stanley E Williamson Memorial Scholarship
Fred W Fox Scholarship in Science Education
Science and Mathematics Education Fellowship Award
Maggie Niess Scholarship in Math Education
S David and Carol R Eves Scholarship

Visit our Education Scholarships and Fellowships page for more details and you can also view this downloadable list of College of Education Scholarships and Fellowships.

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