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Windows Imaging Server (ISCS-MDT) Updates

The Windows imaging server (ISCS-MDT) has been updated to include the Campus Labs Windows 7 image and all software included on that image. If lab computers come to the build bench for any reason and need to be re-imaged you can PXE boot to MDT as you normally would and select the Windows 7 master image under the Campus Labs section.

Task sequences are now associated with IP subnet. For example, if a computer PXE boots on the CN or ROOTS build bench you will see the task sequence selection screen. If a computer PXE boots in one of the computer labs MDT will perform what’s called a “zero-touch” installation and automatically re-image the computer. This assumes the IP range or individual workstations in Cyder are pointed at the OSU-MDT-PXE workgroup.

ISCS-MDT upgraded to 2013 Update 2

I have successfully upgraded ISCS-MDT to 2013 Update 2 (6.3.8330). Please be aware that this is what’s considered a quality release; there are no new major features.

Work completed:
– VMWare snapshot created for ISCS-MDT.
– MDT 2013 Update 2 applied.
– MDT build and production shares upgraded.
– MDT build and production boot images updated.
– Updated boot images applied to Windows Deployment Services.

Release notes and Information:

Things you may need to complete:
– For folks who log in to ISCS-MDT directly you may need to recreate/re-pin shortcuts to the MDT Workbench.

Additional notes:

The Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 was recently updated by Microsoft. This version is cited to have issues which could impact some MDT deployment scenarios. I will be doing more testing before moving forward with this update.