Reftool UI update 9/27

RefTool is scheduled to update Monday, September 27th, at 8:30 PM. Below are some changes included in this update

Search Interface Improvements

The user interface for RefTool search has been simplified to better show all the options and tools available to the user. Please note that no functionality was removed, but it may be in a different location. One key difference is that department search is now hidden until you click the “Search Options” button.

The search page after clicking the “Search Options” button

Smaller Improvements

The following changes were also made:

  • Now, searching a se- account as an email address (like will return a result, even if that is not actually a working email address
  • You can now right click -> open in new tab (or middle click) a search result to open it in a new tab
  • RefTool now looks much better on mobile phone and tablets
  • Bug fixes to group names, link editor,

Service Desk Digest 9/17/2021

Welcome to a New School Year

Welcome to a new year, and welcome back for those of you who have been away for a bit. A lot has changed over the past year, so please stay tuned for blog posts and orientations to help get you back up-to-speed.

Service Desk Updates

For health safety reasons, we will have the Welcome Desk in the hallway right outside 201 for the first two weeks of the term. Our intent is to keep the burst in foot traffic in a more airy space. Milne appointments are still available as well – those customers can walk right in to Milne 201 and do not need to wait in line.

CN and Cosine customers can also request that we meet them at their office instead (a.k.a. “Field Appointment”).

Please remember to offer appointments to customers as it helps to spread out the busy-ness and ensure they receive quality support.

With the start of Fall, we will be open evenings and weekends again, but our weekend hours will be remote support only. Please don’t tell a customer to go to walk-up on a weekend. Signs will be posted on the outside doors informing customers to call during weekend hours.

As a reminder, always provides our open hours, as well as parking and other info.


As a reminder, the Service Desk is the first point-of-contact for network support in OSU residence halls. Please do not refer customers with questions about the residence hall network. If we can’t resolve their issue, we can escalate to UHDS IT Support by notifying them on the ticket. For details, see the ResNet service infosheet.

Students will start moving in to the residence halls on Sunday, 9/19. All wireless access points in the dorms have recently been upgraded. The Gem is now owned and managed by UHDS, and network registration for the Gem is the same as other residence halls.

OSU Wifi in the residence halls is very similar as to the rest of campus. One important exception is the OSU_Unsecured wireless SSID, which allows residents to connect consumer devices such as game consoles.

Registration for the wired network in residence halls has changed over the past year. All buildings now use the same process. Residents can register their devices at or go to and click on “Manage your ResNet internet connection.” This registers their devices in Cyder. Service Desk staff can manage ResNet registrations at

Cosine Reminders

We have merged with Cosine. Cosine customers and Community Network customers are both CX customers, and will show that way in RefTool. We provide all the same desktop support services to Cosine customers as we do to CN customers, including computer purchasing, imaging and management, software installation, printer setup, network setup, in-office appointments, IT surplus, and account management.

For new computer builds for Cosine, use the CN image and place the computer in the domain.

Cosine customer ONID accounts are in

For help with Cosine-related requests, please ask in the SD Internal Talk channel. All of the former Cosine staff are in the channel to help.

For more information, see: Cosine Department InfoSheet (Internal)

Strand Ag Break Area

As part of our merger with Cosine, we now have access to a spacious break area in the daylight basement of Strand Ag, just across the quad from Milne. Please check it out! It is a much nicer place to eat than the cramped galley in Milne 213A or the cave in the Milne basement.