macos Big Sur Update

On Tuesday, I sent an email to 471 Mac users in CN (based on JAMF asset info) advising them not to upgrade to Big Sur at this time.

Since the release was available on November 12, 35 CN Macs have been upgraded. About half of those are owned by IT or Ecampus staff, probably because they wanted to test things for their customers.

There have been about 16 tickets to the Service Desk so far. (Ticket report: I am only aware of one computer that “bricked” after upgrade, and I don’t have the ticket number for that one yet. It was an Engineering-supported computer, and we advised the customer to contact Apple. They did fortunately have a backup before upgrading.

James does not yet have packages he can push out for ESET or AnyConnect. He said he would have more time to focus on this next week. We have working installers for both, and our documentation has been updated.

Of the 35 Big Sur computers, 30 of them had the MDM profile approved. I have made tickets for the other 5 to get that resolved. Only 6 of them have a working version of ESET right now, and only 3 have a working version of AnyConnect.

At this point, we are not yet blocking the install on CN computers. We have advised folks not to upgrade, and they seem to be paying attention to that warning. James also reports that Apple is not making the upgrade very obvious yet. 

I’ll plan to send another update to the CN Mac users once we know more about the feasability of pushing ESET and AnyConnect out. For now, we can make tickets for the ones who have upgraded and help them get those applications working properly.