Service Desk Digest 11/13/2020 – Tanium, Big Sur, Exposure Notifications, Username Changes

Tanium Client Being Pushed to Managed Computers

The Tanium client has been tested internally and Infrastructure are now ready to start pushing it out to managed computers.

Tanium gives our security team more visibility into the university’s security posture. In testing, the deployment has been transparent to customers.

Devices in UIT will receive the Tanium client today. CN customer computers will receive the client starting Tuesday, November 17.

Service Desk does not have much documentation on Tanium at this time. See:

Big Sur Not Recommended Yet

If customers ask about whether they should upgrade to macOS Big Sur, let them know we are not recommending that yet. For more information, see:

Oregon Exposure Notification Program Reminder

Reminder that this was announced to the OSU community this week and Service Desk are the point of contact for helping members of the OSU community install the mobile app. Please escalate questions we can’t resolve to the Web team.

For more info: Oregon Exposure Notifications (Internal)

ONID Username Changes Reminder

Reminder that we are still unable to do username changes for people who have an Exchange Online mailbox. We can still process username changes as before for all other users (those who do not have an EOL mailbox).

For employees, we can still set a new or additional email address to match their name.

The Office 365 team are working on resolving the username change issue. Please set tickets out for a bit to review later when this option is available again.