Office 2016 Upgrades Begin May 9

The following information related to the Office 2016 upgrades was sent out today to all CN customers via email. It provides some initial timeline information for the upgrades so I am posting it here as well as a project update.

Information Services completed their testing of Office 2016 for Windows and, starting May 9, we’ll begin upgrading supported computers. The upgrades will be completed in waves. The first wave will be comprised of computers currently running Office 2010, with groups running Office 2013 beginning several weeks later.

Process overview:

  1. A targeted notification will be sent out early next week, informing the first group to expect the upgrade on May 9, and providing additional details.
  2. Another targeted notification will be sent out late next week, informing the second group to expect the upgrade on May 12, and providing additional details.
  3. A reminder message will be sent to each group the day of their upgrade.
  4. The upgrades will be completed overnight and Office 2016 will be available the next morning.
  5. This process will be repeated each week until the upgrades from Office 2010 are completed.

While waiting for your upgrade, you can learn about the new features and get some basic training on Office 2016:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Todd Soli, the project lead:

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