Notification to 26 May Office 2016 upgrade group sent

The following information related to the Office 2016 upgrades was sent out today via email to the first group of Office 2010 users, who will be getting upgraded on May 26. It provides some initial information for the upgrades so I am posting it here as well as a project update.


If you are receiving this message you recently logged into a computer within your department that has Office 2010 installed and can expect that machine to be upgraded overnight starting the evening of May 26. We will be sending out a reminder email to this same list of individuals on the morning on May 26.

Below is a quick list of what you need to do or know before you leave work on May 26:

  • Please leave the computer turned on and be sure to log off (if you leave your machine locked, the upgrade will not begin until you log in to it on the morning of May 27)
  • If you have your device off campus on the night of May 26, the upgrade will begin the next time to connect to the OSU network
  • The Office 2016 installation will NOT remove your Office 2010 desktop and taskbar shortcuts, so please replace them with Office 2016 shortcuts prior to launching any applications
  • You can contact the CN call center at 7-8787 (Option 2) to assist you with this if necessary

Note: If you are using Office 2010 via Parallels or VMWare on an Apple device, please adhere to the same preparation steps listed above for the Windows virtual machine

We are also including a Microsoft TechNet link listing what was deprecated or changed in Office 2013, which are the majority of the changes you will see using Office 2016:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Todd Soli, the project lead:

Thank you,

Your Community Network Support Team

Community Network
Information Services
Oregon State University
(541) 737-8787


Planned ITKnowS outage this evening

I will be taking down ITKnowS temporarily this evening. This is in order to apply updates and some configuration changes.

The site will come down at 9pm tonight. I expect the outage to last 2-3 hours.

I will send out an update when the site comes back online, as well as detailing the changes that were made.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.