Office 365 Login Issues

Heads up: we have been fighting some issues with directory sync from OSU AD to Office 365 recently, resulting in the following issues:

  • People could not login (because their account has not been synced)
  • They could login but were told they are “not licensed”
  • They get an error saying they are “blocked”

All of these issues were due to directory sync problems. Jason spent some time chasing that down and resolved the problem yesterday, but the sync took 12 hours to run as it had a backlog to catch up on. A few people may be synced today but unlicensed – they should be fixed when the script runs at 11PM tonight.

I’ll be working with Jason and Jeff to improve our documentation on these types of issues, as well as to give everyone view access to the admin console so you can see status information. If there is an API, we will look to integrate that with RefTool.

For now, the basic things we need to check (as best we can) before escalating Office 365 issues are:

  • Have they activated their ONID account?
  • Can they login with their ONID to other services?
  • Is their ONID account disabled? (E.g. due to account compromise?)
  • Are they logging in with their UPN?
  • Are they registered for a class (at least 1 credit) in a current or future term? (Note: as soon as they register, they should be licensed at 11PM that day.)
  • Try clearing cookies in the browser to rule out ADFS issues.

Once you’ve verified that their ONID is good to go, they are logging in correctly, and they have registered for classes more than 24 hours ago, it’s probably something that needs to be escalated.

Note: the process for employees will be similar, but will depend instead on them being unified and in an allowed OU. RefTool will be the best place to find that information (may still need some tweaks).