Cyder migration scheduled for March 21st

IT Infrastructure Services have resolved all remaining issues that have prevented release in February. They have re-scheduled the release of Cyder to March 21st. Their original announcement:

“Maintain will no longer be available as of March 21st. This software is being replaced with Cyder. All DNS and DHCP changes will need to be made within this new software after the migration is completed on the 21st.

Maintain will be taken out of service at 10am on Saturday and the final migration of data to our new system, Cyder, will begin. We estimate completion of entire migration and check-out process by 6pm or earlier – but there is the possibility it may take longer. This time-line means that neither Cyder nor Maintain will be available during most of the day on Saturday. If urgent DNS/DHCP changes are needed during this time, please email me or call the on-call number: 7-4710.

After Cyder is up and running, will present a simple page indicating that it has been replaced and will link to Cyder as well as documentation. The development instance of Cyder will be disabled, and ultimately moved to a new name (cyder-dev) to prevent confusion after deployment. The production version of Cyder will be at”

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