Office 2013 Live on Bench Images

Office 2013 is now the standard on all images coming from the Build Bench. Please let me know if customers encounter any oddities that we can address.

Additionally, if a user insists on Office 2010, please take extra steps on the interview sheet to make note of that. Until the interview sheets are updated the bench will assume 2010=2013 unless it is clearly communicated that the customer want Office 2010.

OWA Upgrade Info

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App.

The log in page has been changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users.

The log in form works mostly the same. You may either use your CN\username or to log in. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page has also been updated to reflect this change, and includes screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Also, the Private/Public computer option has been removed. The form will now automatically remember your Username, and your web browser will most likely ask you to save your password. We recommend to not save your password if the computer is used by multiple people. However it should be saved per Windows login account anyway, so as long as each user is switching their Windows logins then you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Lastly, the accessibility option for enabling the “Lite/Light” version of Outlook has been moved. To enable this feature, use the following instructions:

  1. Log into Outlook Web Access.
  2. Click on the Options drop-down menu at the top right hand side of the page just below your name and select “See All Options…”
  3. Click on Settings from the left hand navigation pane.
  4. Click on General at the top of the page.
  5. Under Accessibility, select the checkbox next to “Use the blind and low vision experience.
  6. Click Save at the bottom right hand side of the page.
  7. Restart your web browser and log back in. You should now be seeing the “light” version of the webmail client.

Of course if you have any questions, please contact the CN Call Center.


Limited Operations at Bench on 2/26 – Update

Telecom will be rewiring the network jacks on February 26, 2015.

During this time the Bench will be at limited to no functionality.

I will add to this post when I have more information.


We will have some functionality that day, but it will be limited.

What we can do:

Windows 7 Deployments from Ballard Hall

What we cannot do that day:


  • Win 8 Deployments
  • Mac Deployments
  • Everything else

I do not expect to be down for the entirety of the day, but I cannot make any guarantees. I fully expect to be back up and completely functional by the next day.

Additionally, we will have loaners prepped and ready for that day if the need arises for them.

I will be at the Bench all day while a few students will be placed over at Ballard Hall to help keep processes moving along. The rest of the Bench students will be visiting other functional areas that day for cross training. Arrangements for this are in progress and will be communicated once finalized.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Cyder Resources

The user guide for Cyder has been updated.  Of particular interest is the new ‘Common Operations’ section.  I recommend, if you haven’t used the Cyder development site recently, to review the Introduction section of this guide/reference.

This message also serves as a friendly reminder that Maintain will be replaced by Cyder on February 28th.

If you have any questions/concerns about the guide, the replacement project, or Cyder itself please let me know.


Cyder dev site:

General project information:

Winter Finals and Spring Break Schedule Request

Student colleagues,

We survived the cold and now it is time to think about finals and Spring break!

I would like to request your Winter term finals week and Spring break information so we can plan the schedule out ahead of time.  Reply all to this email, but make sure that I get a copy. If you have questions email me at I will be sending out a request for Spring term schedule after this is completed. Please start thinking about that!

On a side note: You do not have to wait until the last minute to respond! No, Seriously you don’t!

Deadline: Friday, February 20th at 9 A.M. 

For those of you who are new to this process, please don¹t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

*If you do not reply to this request on time, we will cut your time. You can work over break or next term.*

If your professors have not stated the finals week schedule on the syllabus, you can find the official OSU finals week schedule here: 

****** If you don¹t know a date and time for all of your finals, please share that information with me by the deadline.  Remember, communication is the key!  

Preferences colors ­

  • Red = finals or other obligations (group meetings, house obligations, etc.)
  • Pink ­ prefer not to work (study, don¹t like mornings, evenings, etc.)
  • Green ­ prefer
  • White ­ don¹t care.

An image is attached to help remind which settings are preferred and the easier methods to provide the info.

The process:

Finals week (March 16th – 20th)

  1. Set your preferences ONLY for finals week (March 15th – 21st)
  2. Respond to this email with the following information:
    1. Dates and times of your finals to ensure accuracy of preferences.
    2. Number of hours you wish to work finals week, December 8th ­- 12th   (for example, 10-20).

Spring Break (March 23rd – March 27th

  1. Set your when2work preferences for Spring break (Week of March 22nd – March 28th)
    1. Using Set date specific preferences is easiest.
  2. In the same email send me:
    1. Number of hours you wish to work this weeks. (up to 40 depending on the number of people that want to work and hours available)
    2. Set the days you would like off as red. This will make it easier for me to make the schedule as I look at everyone¹s availability that way.

For those of you who are new to this process, please don¹t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  

Communication by the deadline is the key!  If you cannot provide the information requested then be sure to provide us with an email stating why.

Deadline: Friday, February 20th at 9 A.M. 

Bench Ticket Updates

Please follow the build checklists directions to update the ticket frequently.

It may not seem important but these steps have been added for everyone’s convenience. This way everyone outside the bench knows what’s going on with a build and can then keep the clients updated with progress and problems.

Additionally, it is also useful in telling where the build is even while at the bench as we are all human and sometimes misplace build sheets or forget to check them off.

They are not optional steps and only take a minute or two. Thank you!

Follow-Up – Student Worker P: drives

After further discussion, the decision has been made to not provide Home folders to student workers as standard practice.  Departments can request a Home folder for a student worker, but they need to be aware that they will be charged for the storage space.  Work is currently underway to clean up existing P: drives; these will be addressed individually with the owning departments by the Accounts team.

Moving forward, any student worker account that does need a Home folder will need to have Exchange Attribute 7 set to “StudentHomeFolder.”  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.