VPN on Windows Image

I need to provide everyone with a little heads up regarding the VPN on our Windows image.
First and furmost, the switch over to the new MDT service and our processes, some computers may have made it through check-off without the OSU VPN being properly installed. We are working to address this issue.
Also, we will be changing our standard VPN from old Cisco client to AnyConnect (sds.oregonstate.edu).
Please let me know if you have any questions.


New queue – CN Recommendations

We’ve created a new queue for CN Recommendations.  This queue will be used to track any purchase recommendations requests for customers-  any tickets of that nature should be moved to the new queue rather than Base Escalation.

Along with this, we’re going to change how the Base Escalation and Accounts queues are used.  Any ticket relating to account creation/removal, permissions, restricted shares, mailbox access, etc. will now be processed via the Accounts queue.  The Base Escalation queue will now be used for tickets that require a higher level of permissions to complete, items that need to researched, or tickets that are particularly complex and/or ongoing.

As part of this change, all Base staff and students will need to monitor the Base Escalation queue as well as the Base queue.

Contact Max Cohen if you have questions.

CN – Office 2013

Office 2013 is default on all Windows builds and rebuilds.

Keenan Carr is leading the project to get it deployed to CN customers by August 31, 2015.

DO NOT downgrade customers from 2013 to 2010.

— If there is a functionality/feature they are having problems with, we need to investigate why it is not working on 2013.

Office 2010 will NOT be supported by Microsoft after October 2015.

People that need Access 2010 – install only that software (Access).

Process change for reporting spam and phishing

The Office of Information Security has requested that we change our current process for reporting spam and phishing.  We’ll now be forwarding the spam/phishing message, along with the headers, to either spam@oregonstate.edu or phishing@oregonstate.edu respectively.  The abuse list (abuse@oregonstate.edu) is now only going to be used for people trying to contact us from external companies or other educational institutions.

The security team needs the full email sent- just sending the headers is not adequate, as they are using some external tools and mechanisms require more information.  There are two ways to address this:

Option 1 [Easier for everyone]:  Have the customer forward the email as an attachment to the appropriate address above, using the instructions found at http://oregonstate.edu/helpdocs/safety-and-security/computer-viruses-fraud/blocking-e-mail-spam/reporting-spam-phishing.

Option 2:  Once we’ve verified that the customer has forwarded the email to us as an attachment, we can move the ticket to the “Info Security Office” queue.

For the purposes of this process, Phishing is defined as email asking for login credentials or for linking to go to a site that asks for login credentials; otherwise it’s considered spam.

New MDT Service for the Bench

The Bench will be moving over to our new MDT server this Monday, April 12, 2015. While we at the Bench are very excited, there might be short periods where we will be unable to perform builds as we work out the kinks. Jim Galloway will be camping down here to help us with getting the bugs worked out.

Since we may experience outages and delays, please do not take on any RUSH jobs. If a job is a rush, please be very clear that we will do our best, but cannot make any guarantees as to the turn-around time.

This Friday we will be building many loaners to have on hand if the need arises and we are down.

Customer – Technology Engagement Survey


The email bracketed in **** below will be sent to CN LRPs (Local Resource people / Department contacts) shortly. One of the project teams in Info Services is working on a project for Productivity Services and we need customer input/engagement.

At this point, we are only seeking feedback from LRPs about the survey. Their feedback will help us improve the survey that goes out to all CN customers and ideally all OSU employees.

You might get questions about this, the email below show cover most of those questions, at least the ones we can think of at this point.


Ticket process

Link their responses to the master ticket (0323944)

Answer their questions as best you can, if you can’t please ask for assistance as usual.

If you have

  • Answered their questions if any
  • Thanked them for their feedback
  • Linked the ticket to the master

Then – Close the ticket.





CN Local Resource People,

Information Services would appreciate your engagement and input on a survey we will be sending to all CN customers and all OSU faculty and staff.

The intent of the survey is to learn more about OSU’s needs for collaboration and productivity tools. This will help Information Services direct our energy and further meet your needs. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your input

  • Do the survey questions make sense?
  • Do any questions need more details/context?
  • Any additional feedback




Tuesday April 14th, 2015 – 12am/midnight

Thanks in advance!

Your Community Network Support Team

Community Network

Oregon State University

(541) 737-8787



ScreenConnect process change

When creating sessions in ScreenConnect, please prepend the session name with “TSS_”.  Doing so will allow us to manage the sessions, transfer them between support agents more easily, and close out inactive sessions without involving Server Support.

TSS_Johnston, Alex (published session)
TSS_13524 (simple code session)

P&M Nypro Printer List

via Ben Shields

At this point for the P&M Nypro move, everything seems to be in place. There are a couple outstanding things that contractors still have to do (wireless and some furniture), but otherwise things seem to be up and running. While things should be repointed to the new network locations (to the best of our knowledge), there are the following printers out in Nypro if someone needs them set up:

Device Location IP
Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 Nypro Reception Desk
Ricoh Aficio MP 3351 Nypro Customer Service Area
S1 (Queue name of S1)
S2 (Queue name of S2)
Xerox 1000
C901 (Fiery)
Ricoh Aficio MP 3351 Nypro Mailing Area
Ricoh Aficio MP 3351 Nypro Bindery Area
Ricoh Aficio MP 3351 Nypro Digital Area


The location on the Ricoh Aficio devices should always be included in the printer name so that customers know which device they’re printing to. For the S1/S2/Xerox/C901, those are their larger production printers – everyone knows where they are.

Feedback Request: AdBlock Pro on Images

I’m looking for some feedback as to opinions regarding the installation of AdBlock Pro on our images.

The primary reasoning behind this would be to limit the amount of malware that is being installed via ads on websites. CN spends and exceptional amount of time  supporting an issue that could potential be avoided.

What do you think? Do you see any program management issues or potential software conflicts?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.