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Job/Internship of the Week  
Account Executive

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If you are considering a sales career (or know someone who is), you should definitely be checking out Zones! Due to our hypergrowth, we are actively seeking Account Executives to join us in August & September in Portland.

Our college hires have the opportunity to launch a career in IT sales, acquire industry certifications, earn competitive pay and benefits, and enjoy a balance of work and life.
So, spread the word!

Zones is a national provider of IT products and solutions to businesses. As a Northwest company established a solid reputation for implementing successful IT strategies. We offer technology expertise and solutions to every size business – small to Fortune 500 – across multiple industries throughout the U.S. And we are affiliated with top tech companies – Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, HP, Apple, Intel and others.

Key Responsibilities
• Acquire and manage accounts by growing relationships with your customers
• Prospect customers through outbound cold calling from company provided leads
• Place orders and quotes efficiently using established customer database systems
• Align with Tier 1 vendor partners to provide exceptional value your customers

What We Look For:
There are a lot of traits and characteristics that make someone great in sales. Some of the core characteristics we look for are:
• Competitive – you really like to win and instinctively overcome objections
• Goal oriented – you can set their mind on something and figure out how to get it
• Coachable – smart, but will benefit from feedback & our awesome training program
We get a lot of interest from Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship majors, but we are looking for the right personality from ANY major.

At Zones we realize that a competitive benefit package is extremely important to our team members. We offer a comprehensive health insurance plan (medical, dental and vision), product discounts, vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, 401(k) Plan with match, and an in-house gym at our corporate office.

United States
Permanent Full-Time
College of Business/Management, College of Business/Marketing, College of Business/Business Information Systems, College of Business/Business Administration, College of Liberal Arts
Alumnus/a, Masters, Other, Post Doctorate, Post Baccalaureate, Senior
Account Management / Planning, Brand Management, Business Development, Consulting, Customer Service, Information Technology, Marketing/Sales, Sales


 So I am pretty sure every one has a fear of catching a cold or getting super sick before midterms and finals – well you are not alone. The flu season is definitely here; you can hear it everywhere you go. Sniffling of the nose, coughing sporadically in classes and never ending sneezes. No one wants to catch it and have to stay home sick and miss classes or work. So here are a few ways to keep safe from sickness.


–          Drink lots and lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day)

–          Carry sanitizer with you, hand sanitizer and anything sanitizing

–          Have tissue on hand for you and offer people who need it around you

–          Don’t share anything with anyone who is sick, that is the fastest way to spread the germs and cold

–          Wash hands; before eating and after using the bathroom

–          Sleep daily (7-8 hours a day)

–          Eat healthy (Protein, Meats and Vegetables)

–          Take your vitamins

–          Workout, it keeps the body healthy and strong

–          Relax! Have “me” time. Do some Yoga, that is a great way to relax

–          Don’t smoke or drink, doing these tend to make the body weak and open to sickness

–          Clean your surfaces. Wipe down areas that you will be studying in (keyboards). Or if someone uses your phone wipe the phone down after they use it (this is when sanitizing wipes come in handy)

–          Drink orange juice and tea

–          Keep warm on cold days/nights

–          Thinking positive always helps – mind over matter.

Remember if you are sick, please cover your mouth and blow your nose! With these tips I hope everyone can stay healthy and if you are sick I hope that you get better in time for finals. It’s getting cold out, so stay warm.

Posted by Hulali Kaapana, Career Services Assistant

To view this job/internship listing, you must be a currently registered OSU student and have an existing Beaver JobNet account. If you are eligible and do not have an account, register now. Beaver JobNet is a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations.

Financial Representative
First Investors Corporation – recently ranked #15 among the top 25 companies for career opportunities on
Orange Circle Sponsor, Career Fair Sponsor AND will be at the Career Fair tomorrow, booth #5


Recommend solutions to your clients for their investment needs
• Collaborate with others in developing presentations delivered in group settings or one-on-one
• Keep in touch with clients to ensure that they have the right products for their current needs
• Create referral opportunities and build a referral-based practice
• Determine the course for your career in terms of financial objectives

How We Will Help You. . .
Our extensive training program and state-of-the-art learning system is designed to prepare you so you are both business savvy and confident when working with your clients.

You will enjoy a professional office environment with all the support and tools you need to be successful.

New Representatives start out earning wages and commissions, so while you take care of your clients, we take care of you

Beaverton, OR
Position Type
Permanent Full-Time
Desired Major(s)
All Majors
For more information, including how to apply check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

Day 1:

“May the Force be with you.”

Only ONE day until the Fall Career Fair!  You’ve worked hard to prepare for this great opportunity; now it’s your time to shine!  Oh, and don’t forget to follow up with those employers who piqued your interest…

  • Grab their business card at the career fair so you have their contact information
  • Send an e‐mail or hand‐written letter thanking them for their time and including a copy of your resume
  • We hear from employers that many students do not do this, so it’s a great way to stand out.

Day 2:

Don’t forget to bring the following to the fair:

  • Copies of your resume (15-20 depending on number of employers you’d like to approach). Keep in mind many employers are unable to take your resume, but instead will instruct you to apply online.
  • A smile, strong handshake and positive attitude.
  • Your 30-second infomercial to introduce yourself and highlight your qualifications.
  • Information about the organizations that you will be approaching. Never ask an employer, “What do you do?”
  • A hardcover notepad portfolio and/or professional briefcase for resumes, company information, business cards and questions to ask the employer.

It is inevitable that you will experience conflicts in the workplace.  You may have a challenging boss or a coworker with whom you don’t see eye to eye.  The issue may be big or small, but no matter what the case, the conflict must be resolved to better your work environment and to foster personal and professional growth.

One organization came together in 2005 to promote awareness of conflict resolution strategies and to help professionals work through disagreements.  It was titled the Association for Conflict Resolution and aims to support the following initiatives:

  • Promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict;
  • Promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments, and the legal system;
  • Recognize the significant contributions of (peaceful) conflict resolvers; and
  • Obtain national synergy by having celebrations happen across the country and around the world on the same day.

2005 also saw the first Conflict Resolution Day on October 20th.  It is celebrated on the third Thursday of every month.  The ACR coordinated efforts with other conflict resolution organizations and reached out to local, state, and international groups to build interest in holding celebrations in conjunction with Conflict Resolution Day.  In 2005, events were held in Canada, Portugal, and 22 U.S. states.

The ARC website has a long list of Conflict Resolution Day activity suggestions that include holding a Mock Mediation, creating a conflict resolution pledge, constructing a peace quilt, and recognizing conflict resolution leaders in your community.  Through the website you can download an app with a Conflict Resolution Activities Calendar, print Conflict Resolution buttons, or enter the fourth annual Conflict Resolution Day Peace Poetry Contest.

For a greater understanding of the various conflict styles and some valuable and effective steps to take in resolving conflict, check out the following article from the Mind Tools website, which provides “essential skills for an excellent career.”

Mind Tools Conflict Resolution:

Association for Conflict Resolution:

Knowing how to work through those tough work place situations will help you persevere in any job environment you choose to pursue!

Posted by Casey Anderson, Career Services Career Assistant

Day 5:

“You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. Forget flower bouquets and work on developing some captivating skills.”  – Napoleon Dynamite

So, what are your skills?  Master your 30-60 second infomercial or “elevator speech”!  Oh, and leave out your “computer hacking skills.”

This will arm you with all you need to begin an intelligent and effective conversation with employers.  If you’re not sure what to say, visit Career Services and we will help you!  Here are some ideas of what to include:

  • Where you are now? (degree, program, year in college)
  • Where you have been? (career-related experience, leadership experience, part-time work experience)
  • Where you are going? (future goals)
  • A question for the employer

Here’s a great example:

“Hello. My name is Lucy and I will graduate in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. As a student here at OSU, I have had the chance to gain leadership and organizational skills through my involvement in the English Club. In addition, I have worked for two years as a server at the Annex allowing me to gain valuable customer service experience. I am seeking a full-time position in the field of public relations for next summer. Can you share with me any opportunities within your organization that might fit with my skills and experience?”